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Beck's Lake Site

Site Information

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  • South Bend, IN (St. Joseph County)
  • EPA ID#IND980904379
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Contact Information

Community Involvement Coordinator
Janet Pope
312-353-0628 or 800-621-8431, ext. 60628

Remedial Project Manager
Jenny Davison, (davison.jenny@epa.gov), 312-886-0184, 800-621-8431, ext. 60184

IDEM Project Manager
Jessica Fliss (jfliss@idem.in.gov)

About the National Priorities List

Contaminated sites placed on the EPA's National Priorities List are eligible for investigation and cleanup under EPA's Superfund program. Placing a site in the Superfund program allows for additional funding and resources, including enforcement. EPA's enforcement program seeks out those responsible for a hazardous waste site. Those responsible must either clean up the site or reimburse EPA for the cleanup.

Community Interviews

EPA is interviewing LaSalle Park residents in May 2015.

Este mayo, representantes de la Agencia de Protección Ambiental de Estados Unidos (EPA, por sus siglas en inglés) llevarán a cabo entrevistas con residentes de LaSalle Park acerca del sitio Superfund conocido como Beck’s Lake, y lo invitamos a participar.

Información (PDF) (1pp, 23K)

Information(PDF) (1pp, 23K)


The Beck’s Lake Site is located in the vicinity of Washington Street and Falcon Street on the northwest side of South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana.  Beck’s Lake, an 8-acre lake, is part of LaSalle Park, a 40-acre park owned by the City of South Bend.  The park is situated north of Washington Street, south of Linden Avenue, east of Falcon Street, and west of Kaley Street in Portage Township of South Bend.  The property now known as Beck’s Lake/LaSalle Park in South Bend, Indiana was once a dumping area.  Historical aerial photos indicate that dumping occurred for over 40 years at the Site ending in the mid-1950s.  From 1950s to the present this area has been turned into a park and some residential housing by the City of South Bend. 

EPA and Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) conducted a series of site inspections at the Beck’s Lake Site including; a Preliminary Assessment in 1985,  a Site Inspection in 1989, and an expanded Site Inspection in 1996, resulting in a No Further Remedial Action Planned designation in 1996.  In 2003, the Site investigation was reopened as result of the findings of a Brownfields Environmental Assessment.  The findings of IDEM’s reassessment revealed that arsenic levels in surface soils at the nearby neighborhood, especially south and west of the Site were elevated compared to the surrounding area.  In 2009, an expanded Site Inspection Report 2 collected additional data to better characterize the soil exposure pathway for the HRS, and to identify potential sources of the arsenic contamination in the LaSalle Park area.  Elevated levels of arsenic among other heavy metals have been found in the soils present at the Site.

In December 2013, the Beck’s Lake Site was listed on the NPL. 

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Site Updates

March 2015

The Beck’s Lake Site (the Site) was added to the Superfund NPL on December 12, 2013 based on the Hazardous Ranking Score (HRS) generated for the site. The HRS score is the standard process for determining if a site qualifies for the National Priorities List (NPL). Putting the Site on the NPL enables federal enforcement authorities and funding sources that would otherwise not be available. This means that a comprehensive investigation and, as needed, cleanup can be done, following nationally-recognized standards and guidance.  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency continues to negotiate with the potentially responsible parties for the performance of the site investigation; the investigation will begin shortly after an agreement is reached.  EPA will continue to work with the community to make sure that they are informed throughout the remedial process

Upcoming Activities Planned for May 2015

Representatives of EPA will be interviewing LaSalle Park residents in May regarding the Beck’s Lake Superfund site, and we invite you to participate. To schedule an interview, please call or email Meg Moosa at 440-688-4006, or (meg.moosa@tetratech.com). Meg is a contractor working with EPA. These interviews will help Agency experts better understand community concerns and information needs. EPA will use the information to write the Community Involvement Plan for the site.

One-on-one 30-minute interviews will be scheduled Tuesday, May 5, through Thursday, May 7, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., in the computer room at Charles Black Recreation Center, 3419 W. Washington St.

If you are not available to meet with us while we are in town, you may contact us to schedule a phone interview at another time. For questions or special accommodations, contact EPA Community Involvement Coordinator.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.


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