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State Implementation Plans

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State Implementation Plans (SIPs) are the regulations and other materials for meeting clean air standards and associated Clean Air Act requirements.

  1. State regulations that USEPA has approved
  2. State-issued, USEPA-approved orders requiring pollution control at individual companies
  3. In rare cases, federally promulgated regulations, designated as federal implementation plan (FIP)
  4. Planning documents such as area-specific compilations of emissions estimates and computer simulations (modeling analyses) demonstrating that the regulatory limits assure that the air will meet air quality standards.

This web site provides the language of all federally enforceable, SIP regulatory materials (i.e., items 1, 2, and 3) in the above states. Click on the state of interest, and then you may select the regulation or order that is of particular interest to you. Please contact USEPA Region 5 if you have questions or if you would like to examine a planning document.

Because SIPs only include what USEPA has approved, SIPs do not have an identical set of regulations to the States. For example, USEPA may have approved an older version of a regulation, or a state may not have submitted a regulation for approval. Most states have their own regulations available on their own web sites, which you should consult if you wish to examine the applicable state regulation.

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