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Air Enforcement

Air Issues in Chicago's Pilsen Neighborhood

Petroleum Coke on Chicago's South Side

Clean Air Act violators in Region 5

This report lists major sources in Region 5 that EPA or states allege are violating the Clean air Act. The report is updated quarterly and generated from the Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) database. Contact Debra Flowers (flowers.debra@epa.gov) with comments or questions.

Contact Lists

Air enforcement documents

Administrative Consent Orders, Consent Agreement and Final Orders, Consent Decrees, Notices of Violation and Findings of Violation US EPA Region 5 has issued since October 1, 2006.

Compliance Assistance & Compliance Assurance

Region 5 gives compliance assistance /assurance to appropriately targeted sources or industries. We provide environmental education, tools, and resources to businesses and industries which must comply with the Clean Air Act regulations. Email Rochelle Marceillars (marceillars.rochelle@epa.gov) any questions about compliance assurance or assistance.

Air Enforcement Background

EPA initiates an enforcement action when a person, industry, or other entity fails to obey environmental laws, such as the Clean Air Act. These actions may include:

  1. an informal action, such as a notice of noncompliance or warning letter;
  2. a formal administrative response, such as a legal order;
  3. a civil judicial response, such as a lawsuit in the U.S. Court system;
  4. a criminal judicial response, such as sanctions, fines, and/or imprisonment;
  5. disallowing receipt of Federal contracts.

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