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Region 1: EPA New England

Indian Program Structure - Regional and National


New England's Regional Indian Program is located within the Office of Ecosystem Protection (OEP), under the State Grants, Tribal Program and Municipal Assistance Branch. The Indian Program has a direct line to the Regional Administrator and the American Indian Environmental Office. The decision to be placed within this structure came from the Leadership Team as advised by the Regional Tribal Operations Committee. The Regional Indian Program Manager attends the weekly Office Directors meetings, to represent Tribal interests at the Regional level.

The Regional Tribal Operations Committee (RTOC) meets monthly by teleconference and provides a forum for discussion of environmental issues among the Indian Program Staff and Tribal Environmental Program Staff representatives. The New England Region's Tribes are represented at the National Tribal Operations Committee (NTOC) by designated Tribal Environmental Program representatives and the Regional Administrator or designee. The National Tribal Caucus (NTC) is an important working group also represented by New England tribal representatives.

In addition to the staff of the Regional Indian Program, there are EPA Tribal Coordinators acting as primary liaisons with each of the 10 recognized tribes in New England.. There are media program representatives who support the priorities of the tribal program in accordance with the EPA Indian Policy. Visit our contacts pages for a complete list of EPA Indian Program Staff contacts and Tribal contacts.

Detailed descriptions of the National EPA Indian Program Structure are provided by the EPA Tribal Portal.

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