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Region 1: EPA New England

Long Island Sound Dredged Material Management Plan (LIS DMMP)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is the lead agency for development of the Long Island Sound Dredged Material Management Plan (LIS DMMP). The USACE North Atlantic Division, New England District, and New York District are developing the DMMP in cooperation with EPA Regions 1 and 2, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the New York State Department of State (NYS DOS); the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC); the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (CT DEP), the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) and the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (RI CRMC).

Management of the LIS DMMP was assigned to the USACE New England District, which has assigned a project manager. The participating agencies agreed to adopt the traditional management structure by establishing and assigning representatives to a LIS DMMP Project Delivery Team (PDT). Although not a standard component of the DMMP management structure, due to the large scope of the project and strong public interest, the agencies also formed a Steering Committee of higher level agency officials to facilitate communication, priority-setting, and the commitment of resources for the LIS DMMP. You may find additional information such as project updates at the USACE website. Click icon for EPA disclaimer. 

A draft of the LIS DMMP was released on the USACE LIS DMMP website on August 17, 2015 and comments will be due to the USACE on or before October 18, 2015. There will be a series of public meetings in New York and Connecticut hosted by the USACE. More information can be found on the USACE website. Click icon for EPA disclaimer. .

USACE contact: Meghan Quinn (meghan.c.quinn@usace.army.mil), Project Manager, 978-318-8179

A DMMP is a comprehensive planning process and decision-making tool to address the management of dredged material for a specific harbor or navigation project, group of related projects, or geographic area. The DMMP is a USACE-led process. The DMMP process involves a phased approach. The first phase, a Preliminary Assessment, draws on existing information to: (1) determine the economic and engineering need for dredging according to existing and reasonably prospective navigation traffic; (2) identify the anticipated locations and volumes of dredged material to be generated within the study area; (3) examine existing dredged material disposal sites and management practices to determine if shortfalls in capacity or opportunities for better management exist; and (4) provide an estimate of the cost of completing the DMMP.

Additional detail on the DMMP is provided in the annual reports section below and at the USACE website. Click icon for EPA disclaimer. 

To ensure progress toward reducing or eliminating open-water disposal in Long Island Sound pending completion of the DMMP, an interagency Long Island Sound Regional Dredging Team (LIS RDT) was established in 2006. The RDT reviews dredging proponents’ alternatives analysis to ensure that they conducted a comprehensive analysis for practicable alternatives to open-water disposal and recommend their use to the maximum extent practicable, to ensure progress toward reducing or eliminating open-water disposal in Long Island Sound pending completion of the DMMP. The LIS RDT is part of the New England Regional Dredging Team, which in turn is part of the National Dredging Team.

The National Dredging Team (NDT) was established in 1995 to implement the recommendations in a 1994 Report to the Secretary of Transportation on the dredging process, to promote national and regional consistency on dredging issues, and to provide a mechanism for issue resolution and information exchange among federal, state, and local agencies and stakeholders.

It is the vision of the NDT that dredging of U.S. harbors and channels is conducted in a timely and cost-effective manner while meeting environmental protection, restoration, and enhancement goals. For more information on the National Program, see our National Dredging Teams website. The NDT consists of Regional Dredging Teams (RDTs) that have been established in most U.S. regions. The New England Regional Dredging Team has established four State Dredging Teams and the Long Island Sound Regional Dredging Team (LIS RDT).

RDTs are established to improve dredged material management by fostering communication and planning, to provide a forum for issue resolution, and to increase public education and community involvement at local and regional levels. In addition, the LIS RDT encourages the use of alternatives to open water disposal such as beneficial use and upland alternatives.

On June 10, 2013, EPA extended the deadline for the completion of the Long Island Sound Dredged Material Management Plan (LIS DMMP), from July 5, 2013, to April 30, 2015, with a letter that has been countersigned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (New England and New York Districts), the New York Department of State, and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, as required by 40 C.F. R. 228.15(b)(4)(vi)(D). This letter constitutes the "written agreement" required by that provision of the regulation. The extension also applies to the use of the Central and Western Long Island Sound Disposal Sites, the long-term use of which is conditioned on the completion of the LIS DMMP. An additional extension through April 30, 2016 was granted by the EPA on April 28, 2015.

Annual Reports LIS Dredged Material Management Plan (LIS DMMP)

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