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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Analytical Methods and References

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Region 9 Analytical Services

Laboratory testing of soil, water and/or air samples for hazardous chemicals may be conducted through the EPA Contract Laboratory Program and EPA Regional Laboratory Program. Laboratory analysis time is scheduled through the Regional Sample Control Coordinator (RSCC) in the EPA Region 9 Laboratory before a sampling event takes place.

Region 9 Lab Web Site

Contract Laboratory Program

The EPA Contract Laboratory Program (CLP) is a national network of EPA personnel, commercial laboratories, and support contractors whose fundamental mission is to provide data of known and documented quality for EPA's Superfund program. CLP analytical services are based on proven and tested EPA analytical methods, and are used by CLP laboratories for the isolation, detection, and measurement of the CLP's target compounds and analytes. The CLP currently offers the following routine analytical services:

Superfund Analytical Services/Contract Laboratory Program (CLP) Documents

EPA Environmental Test Methods and Guidances

Analytical Methods for Water Quality Analysis
EPA publishes laboratory analytical methods that are used by industries and municipalities to analyze the chemical, physical and biological components of wastewater and other environmental samples that are required by regulations under the authority of the Clean Water Act (CWA). Most of these methods are published as regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) at Title 40 Part 136.

Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste, Physical/Chemical Methods (SW-846 manual)
EPA Waste's official compendium of analytical and sampling methods that have been evaluated and approved for use in complying with RCRA regulations.

Additional Sources of EPA Test Methods for Air, Water and Soil
Additional sources of test methods and guidances for analyses of pollutants in air, water and soil.

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