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Experiences with the Compost BMPs

Experiences with the Compost BMPs

Many landscape managers have been using the compost based stormwater BMPs. Below are presentations from several people that have used these BMPs.

Innovative Uses of Compost on Highway Projects

Mr. Dwayne Stenlund of the Minnesota Department of Transportation shows how he has used compost in many innovative ways to manage stormwater runoff, stabilize slopes, quickly establish vegetation, as well as improve the function and appearance of projects that he has worked on.


Exploring Compost Use in the Landscape Industry

Ms. Amy Sasuen of the Bruce Company of Wisconsin has used compost stormwater based management practices over the past several years as a growing media for landscapes, erosion and sediment control, and living walls to stabilize slopes. Her presentation talks about how these techniques have benefited her work.


Demonstrating the Compost BMPs on Steep Slopes

Mr. Jim Berger's Of Port Blakely Communities demonstrates how he has used the compost stormwater BMPs on the Issaquah Highlands project and shows the results of the project.


Lower Impact Development with the Compost BMPs

Ms. Ginny Black of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency talks about several projects that have used the compost BMPs in stormwater management projects, including rain gardens, in Minnesota


For other examples see the presentations and images from the Wisconsin Compost Roundtable.



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