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Tremont City Barrel Fill Site

Site Information
  • Tremont City, OH (Clark County)
  • EPA ID# OHD980612188
  • This site is not on the NPL
  • SAS fact sheet
Contact Information

Community Involvement Coordinator
Patricia Krause (krause.patricia@epa.gov)
312-886-9506 or 800-621-8431, ext. 69506, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST

Remedial Project Manager

Jena Sleboda Braun


(where to view written records)

Clark County Public Library
Reference Services
201 S. Fountain Ave.
Springfield, OH 45506

Site Updates

June 2015

A workgroup was convened that was mediated by a contractor to EPA's Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center, to discuss the issues where the various parties did not have the same understanding of the site facts.  The workgroup had participants from USEPA and its USGS expert, Ohio EPA, Clark County Health Department, People for Safe Water, and the PRP group.  The main issues discussed where the hydrogeology at the site and the cost estimates for the Feasibility Studies and Proposed Plans. 

A community involvement plan (CIP)  was completed June 2015. The detailed plan emphasized the comments from business, residents, environmental groups, public officials on their concerns about the cleanup.   It also explained the remedy, Superfund process and other options to assist public in understanding  the Superfund process and how U.S. EPA can best serve the residents I in the Clark County community.  

Revised Community Involvement Plan (PDF) (74p, 3.3MB) May 2015

April 2014

The Tremont City Barrel Fill site is not yet listed on the National Priorities List (NPL) which is EPA’s list of hazardous waste sites identified for possible long-term cleanup action under Superfund.  The timetable for cleanup is dependent on listing the Tremont site on the NPL and EPA’s enforcement actions that would follow the listing.  EPA is working on proposing the site to the NPL, which is  done twice a year.  Once the federal register notice of the site proposal is published, there is a 60 day comment period .  If Tremont is proposed to the  NPL, the final listing is estimated to take place approximately 6 months after proposal.  You can read more about the NPL at National Priorities List web page.

March 2014

In order to evaluate updated conditions at the Tremont City Barrel Fill site, EPA took soil, water and sediment samples around the Barrel Fill site in 2013. These samples have been analyzed and are now in the quality assurance/quality control process, a system of procedures, checks, audits and actions to make sure that the EPA sampling activity is of the highest quality.

In 2011 EPA approved the Record of Decision that outlines EPA’s plan for cleaning up waste and contaminated soil at the Tremont City Barrel Fill site. EPA’s cleanup plan is to:

The estimated cost of the cleanup is $28 million.

April 2013

EPA will take surface water, soil and sediment samples in and around the site to evaluate the conditions of the site.  The negotiation process for the site is ongoing.

June 2012

EPA is preparing a negotiation plan package for the Department of Justice who serves as the government's lead representative in negotiations with the Tremont City Barrel Fill site potentially responsible parties or PRPs and will work closely with EPA. When EPA is ready to negotiate, a special notice letter will be sent to the PRPs. The special notice letter gives the PRPs information on why EPA thinks they are liable and EPA's plans for cleanup of the site.

October 2011

U.S. EPA approved the Record of Decision that outlines EPA’s plan for cleaning up waste and contaminated soil at the Tremont City Barrel Fill site. EPA’s final cleanup plan is to:

The estimated cost of the cleanup is $28 million. The cleanup will protect people and the environment over the long-term, comply with state and federal regulations, can be implemented, and is cost-effective as an alternative for excavating the contaminated soil and waste.

June 2011

As part of its plan to clean up the Tremont City Barrel Fill site EPA is proposing to dig up all the waste and contaminated soil, separate the liquid waste from the hazardous and non hazardous solid waste, build an on-site waste cell with a liquid collection system, consolidate the solid waste and contaminated soil in the waste cell, and cover the consolidated materials with a hazardous waste landfill cap. EPA invites comments on this proposed plan at a public meeting on Wednesday, June 22, 6:30 p.m. at Northwestern High School, 5650 Troy Road, Springfield. The comment period runs from May 31 - July 30.

May 2011

EPA is planning a proposed plan meeting and public comment period for the Tremont City Barrel Fill site. At the meeting EPA will share details of a cleanup alternative recommended during the 2010 proposed plan comment period. The new cleanup alternative is compared with EPA's earlier recommended cleanup alternative in a feasibility study addendum that is not yet final. A feasibility study describes and analyzes cleanup alternatives for a site. People will have an opportunity to comment about EPA's new recommended cleanup plan through a public comment period and also at a proposed plan meeting.

Photos of Tremont City Barrel Site Activities (PDF) (11pp, 2.6MB) June 2008

US EPA Update on the Progress at the Tremont City Barrel Fill Site (PDF) (12pp, 384K) May 2008


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