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Summit National

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Community Involvement Coordinator
Susan Pastor (pastor.susan@epa.gov)
312-353-1325 or 800-621-8431, ext. 31325

Remedial Project Manager
Pablo Valentin (valentin.pablo@epa.gov)
312-353-2886 or 800-621-8431, ext. 32886


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Reed Memorial Library, 167 E. Main St., Ravenna, OH


The 15-acre site at 1240 Alliance Rd., Deerfield, Township, is located on a former coal strip mine containing a coal wash pond and stockpile. From 1974 to 1978, the site was used as a waste disposal facility and received waste including oil, resin, paint and metal plating sludge, and flammable and chlorinated solvents. Two surface water ponds and an incinerator were also located on-site. The facility received liquid wastes in drums, tanks or an open pit.  Some waste was incinerated while others were buried or dumped on the soil. The ground water, soil and surface water were contaminated with PCBs, volatile organic compounds, phenols, phthalates, and heavy metals.  About 4,500 people live within three miles of Summit National. Surface water flows from the site to the Berlin Lake Reservoir which is a standby water supply for the city of Youngstown.

About 75 companies are responsible for the contamination.  Referred to as the Summit National Trust, these companies have paid for and completed various cleanup actions since 1994 including dredging contaminants from nearby drainage ditches, excavating and burning 21,000 tons of contaminated soil and sediment, excavating and removing 484 drums, and building a collection trench and a treatment plant for the ground water.  So far, about 25 million gallons of contaminated water have been treated.

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Site Updates

July 2013 Update

EPA has completed a status review of the site's cleanup. This type of review is required at least every five years where the cleanup is complete but hazardous waste remains managed on-site. These reviews are done to ensure that the cleanup continues to protect people and the environment.

The review included:

The review found that the cleanup continues to protect people and the environment. The next review will be in 2018. The fourth five-year review (PDF) (98pp, 3.4MB) report details the site's progress.

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Five-Year Reviews

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