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Wickes Park Saginaw River

Work site

The Site is located in the Saginaw River, approximately 0.5 miles downstream from the confluence of the Schiawassee and Tittabawasee Rivers and is adjacent to Wickes Park in Saginaw. The site is generally bounded by the City of Saginaw's Wickes Park to the east and by General Motors to the west. The contaminated zone is located at the approximate center of the Saginaw River, just north of the abandonned boat ramp in Wickes Park. During previous sampling by Dow contractors, this area was identified as containing elevated levels of dioxin contamination. Due to the level of contamination, the highest observed in the river system to date, a removal action was required immediately.

Dredging activity stopped on December 18, 2007, resulting in 625 cubic yards of dioxin-contaminated sediment being removed from the Saginaw River.

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