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Stories about Partially or Fully Restored Waterbodies

Harvey's Lake Restoration - PDF (1 p, 478 k, about pdf)

Babb and Pine Creeks - Installing Active and Passive Treatment Systems Restores Water Quality - (2010)

Gumboot Run and the East Branch Clarion River - Sealing Mines and Installing Treatment Systems Restores Streams - (2010)

Johnson Run - Local Conservation Group Leads Efforts to Neutralize Acid Mine Drainage and Restore Fishery - (2011)

Lake Jean - Adding Lime to Acidic Lake Restores Fishery - (2011)

Lehigh River - Reclaiming Abandoned Mine Lands Improves River - (2013)

Little Coon - Addressing Abandoned Mine Discharges Allows Stream to Recover - (2011)

Lloydville Run - Abandoned Mine Drainage Treatment Restores Drinking Water Source - (2009)

Manatawny Creek - Stream Restoration, Dam Removal Restore Waterbodies - (2007)

Miller Run - Groups Restores Stream Degraded by Abandoned Coal Mine Discharges - (2011)

Pierceville Run - Restoring Stream Channel and Riparian Areas Improves Pierceville Run - (2012)

Semiconon Run - Abandoned Mine Reclamation Passive Treatment System Removes Pollutants - (2008)

Step Run - Plugged Gas Wells Improve Water Quality - (2008)

Sterling Run - Installing Passive Treatment System Restores Trout Population - (2009)

Stories That Show Progress Toward Achieving Water Quality Goals

Stephen Foster Lake - Reductions Upstream Put Lake on Parh to Recovery - (2007)

Northern Swatara Creek - Treating Acid Mine Drainage Improves Water Quality for Fish - (2007)

Program Success Stories

Broad Top Township - Gets Results in Approach to Cleaning Streams - (2015) (PDF) (20 pp, 863K, About PDF)

Conewago Creek - The Narrows Stream Bank Restpration - (2000) (PDF) (4 pp, 815K, About PDF)

Shamokin Creek -  First Passive Treatment System Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

Farm Projects Help Protect Drinking Waters from the Schuykill River - (2015) (PDF) (1p, 357k, About PDF)

Stories about Partially or Fully Restored Waterbodies

Batie Creek - Batie Creek Restoration Helps to Protect Unique Karst Habitats - (2008)

Cub Creek - Implementing Agricultural Best Management Practices Reduces Bacteria levels in Watershed - (2014)

Lynnhaven, Broad & Linkhorn Bays - Implementing Stormwater Practices Reduces Bacteria in Shellfish Beds - (2009)

Middle Creek - Mined-Land Restoration Improves Middle Creek's Benthic Population - (2012)

Muddy Creek - Implementing Management Practices Reduces Nitrate in Virginia's Muddy Creek - (2012)

Willis Creek - Implementing Management Practices Reduces Bacteria - (2010)

Upper Clinch River - Addressing Agricultural and Residential Sources of Bacteria Improves River Water Quality - (2014)

Stories That Show Progress Toward Achieving Water Quality Goals

Black Creek - Re-Mining and Reclaiming Abandoned Mine Lands Improves Water Quality in Creek - (2012)

Carter Run - Implementing Best Management Practices Improves Stream - (2014)

Flat Creek - Implementing Agricultural Conservation Practices Improves Water Quality in Creek - (2013)

Middle Fork Holston River - Concerted Watershed Effort Improves Several Streams - (2005)

Shenandoah Valley's Muddy Creek and Lower Dry River - Conservation Stewardship Puts Watersheds on Path to Recovery - (2006)

Program Success Stories

Cabin Branch Mine Orphaned Land Project (PDF) (6 pp, 162K, About PDF)

Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers - Achieving the Nonpoint Source Pollution - (2001)(PDF) (10 pp, 964K, About PDF)

Toncrae Mine Orphaned Land Project - (1998)(PDF) (8 pp, 275K, About PDF)

Valzinco Mine Orphaned Land Project - Mine Site Reclamation Reduces Impacts of Acid Mine Drainage - (2007) (PDF) (5 pp, 196K, About PDF)

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