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Mid-Atlantic Wetlands Violation Reporting Form

Emergencies: Report oil or chemical spills at 800-424-8802

Report Emergencies

If you believe a wetlands violation has occurred in:

you may contact EPA's mid-Atlantic office by using the form below or by contacting directly:

Todd Lutte (lutte.todd@epa.gov)
Office of Environmental Programs (3EA30)
Environmental Assessment & Innovation Division
US EPA Region 3
1650 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

If sending an email to Mr. Lutte, please include:

  • Name of person and/or entity performing unpermitted work (owner of property and/or operator of equipment)
  • Location (state, county, city, address or description, directions)
  • Description of activity
  • Duration of activity
  • Type of waters (river, stream, wetlands, pond, etc.)
  • Your contact information (not required)
  • How you were able to find out about this alleged violation (not required)

For other areas in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and for the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia please contact the local Army Corps of Engineers district office for the county in which the alleged violation occurred.


For other areas of the country or for other types of possible environmental violations:
Report Environmental Violations

Report environmental violations

Wetlands Violation Reporting Form
For Parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania & West Virginia Only (see list above)

Information About You (Optional)

If you would like your information to remain confidential, please check here: Confidentiality checkbox

Your Name:

Your Address:



Your Phone Number:

Your E-mail address:

How you were you able to find out about this alleged violation?

Complaint Information (Required)

Alleged Violator's Name:

Alleged Address Where Violation Occurred:

State* Zip-code  
  * If the violator's County & State are not listed, please click here.

Description of the Activity Including Duration and the Type of Water Impacted (river, stream, wetlands, pond, etc.):

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