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HCFC Phaseout Schedule

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To learn more about the HCFC phaseout, including frequently asked questions, please visit this link.

All developed (i.e., non-Article 5) countries are subject to caps on their consumption and production of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), according to the terms of the Montreal Protocol and its amendments. Under the Montreal Protocol, the U.S. and other developed nations must achieve a certain percentage of progress towards the total phaseout of production and consumption of HCFCs, by certain dates.

Consumption is calculated by the following formula: consumption = production plus imports minus exports. The cap for developed countries is set at 2.8% of that country's 1989 chlorofluorocarbon consumption + 100% of that country's 1989 HCFC consumption. The cap on production is set at the average of a) 1989 HCFC production + 2.8% of 1989 CFC production and b) 1989 HCFC consumption + 2.8% of 1989 CFC consumption. (Quantities of chemicals measured under the cap are ODP-weighted, which means that each chemical's relative contribution to ozone depletion is taken into account.)

At the 19th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol in September 2007, the Parties agreed to a more aggressive phasedown of HCFCs in both developing and developed countries. More details about the September 2007 adjustments to the Montreal Protocol are available here (PDF) (4 pp, 38K, About PDF). In addition, a graphical representation of the reductions for developing countries is found here.

The following table shows the U.S. schedule for phasing out its production and consumption of HCFCs in accordance with the terms of the Protocol. The third and fourth columns of the table show how the U.S. is meeting the international obligations described in the first two columns.

Comparison of the Montreal Protocol and United States Phaseout Schedules
Montreal Protocol United States
Year to be Implemented % Reduction in Consumption and Production, Using the Cap as a Baseline Year to be Implemented Implementation of HCFC Phaseout through Clean Air Act Regulations
2004 35.0% 2003 No production and no importing of HCFC-141b
2010 75.0% 2010 In addition to the HCFC-141b restrictions, no production and no importing of HCFC-142b and HCFC-22, except for use in equipment manufactured before 1/1/2010 (so no production or importing for NEW equipment that uses these compounds)
2015 90.0% 2015 In addition to the HCFC-141b, HCFC-142b and HCFC-22 restrictions, no production and no importing of any other HCFCs, except for use as refrigerants in equipment manufactured before 1/1/2020
2020 99.5% 2020 No production and no importing of HCFC-142b and HCFC-22
2030 100.0% 2030 No production and no importing of any HCFCs

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