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Adjusting Allowances for Class I Substances for Export to Article 5 Countries


EPA is issuing a final rulemaking on the regulations that govern the production of Class I substances that deplete the ozone layer. This action is taken under the authority of Title VI of the Clean Air Act (CAA or the Act) and in accordance with U.S. obligations under the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer (Protocol). Specifically, today’s amendments to the stratospheric protection regulations reflect the Beijing Amendments to the Protocol, and are adjusting the allocations of Article 5 allowances that permit production of Class I ozone depleting substances solely for export to developing countries. Today’s action does the following:

EPA did not receive any adverse comments on the NPRM and in today’s action is finalizing the proposed baselines and allowance allocations.

What Does the Final Rulemaking Involve?


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