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Product Labeling

Under section 611 of the Clean Air Act, manufacturers must label products either containing or made with ozone-depleting substances. EPA regulations —in place since 1993— currently apply to  Class I substances and will apply to Class II substances (i.e. HCFCs) as of January 1, 2015. 

Fact Sheet: HCFC Product Labeling Requirements Starting in 2015: What you need to know

More detailed guidance: Labeling HCFC Products Starting 2015: A More In-depth Look at What You Need to Know & Specific Guidance on Foam Products

Additional details about the 1993 labeling rule, exceptions and applicability: Labeling Products Containing or Made with ODS

FAQs on Ak-225: use restrictions & product labeling

Regulations and Federal Register Notices

Labeling Regulation

Final Rule (February 11, 1993; 58 FR 8136)
Proposed Rule (May 4, 1992; 57 FR 19166)
PDF Format (5.2MB, 37 pp, About PDF)

Amendment with Exemptions

Final Rule (January 19, 1995; 60 FR 4010)
(17 pp, 241 kb)
Proposed Rule (December 30, 1993; 58 FR 69568)

Applicability of Ozone-Depleting Substance Labeling Rule to Methyl Bromide

Notice of Clarification (May 15, 1998; 63 FR 26983) (4 pp, 209 kb)

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