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Importing Used Class II Substances

Why EPA Allows the Import of Used Class II Ozone Depleting Substances

We allow the import of used Class II ODS to ease the transition to ODS alternatives. With the continued use of used ODS, the need for new production to meet ongoing need for ODS during the transition period is avoided. To ensure that imported ODSs were used and not newly manufactured, EPA has a petition process to help verify that the ODS were actually used.

Petition Requirements for Importing Used Class II Ozone Depleting Substances

Petition requirements and Agency procedures for reviewing and approving petitions to import used Class II ODS are available in 40 CFR 82.24(c)(3) and (4). Petitions must be received by EPA 40 working days before the shipment is to leave the foreign port of export.

There is no EPA petition form. The petition may be in any format, but must include this information about the used Class II ODS:

  1. From what type of equipment was it removed?
  2. Who removed it?
  3. When was it removed?
  4. How much was removed?
  5. What chemical was used to replace the Class II ODS; or was new equipment installed; or was the equipment no longer needed?
  6. If new equipment was installed, what type of equipment is it?

We ask that all petitioners submit information through the ODSPETITIONS@epa.gov in box. This allows us to better track submittals and respond in a timely manner.

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