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Exemption for Laboratory and Analytical Uses

The laboratory exemption allows the continued production and import of small amounts of class I ozone depleting substances (ODSs) for chemicals used in essential laboratory and analytical methods.

"Laboratory uses" include: equipment calibration; use as extraction solvents, diluents or carriers for chemical analysis; biochemical research; inert solvents for chemical reactions, as a carrier or laboratory chemical; and other critical analytical and laboratory purposes.

Any distributor of laboratory supplies receiving an essential use exemption for sale to laboratory customers must keep records and submit reports according to 40 CFR 82.13. In short, distributors must:

Laboratory customers purchasing controlled substances under the global laboratory essential-use exemption must provide the producer, importer or distributor of the chemical with a one-time-per-year certification for each controlled substance, that the substance will only be used for essential laboratory applications and will not be resold or used in manufacturing.

Fact sheet on 2014 rule to extend the laboratory and analytical use exemption beyond 2014
Final Rule (PDF) (pre-publication version)
Fact sheet on 2011 rule to extend the laboratory and analytical use exemption beyond 2011
Final Rule (PDF) (5 pp, 153 kb, About PDF)
Fact sheet on 2007 final rule
Final Rule (PDF) (6 pp, 194 kb, About PDF) (December 27, 2007; 72 FR 73264)
Fact sheet on 2005 final rule
Final Rule (PDF) (5 pp, 190 kb, About PDF) (December 29, 2005; 70 FR 77048)

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