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Where to Return Used Refrigerant

EPA seeks to promote the proper reclamation of used refrigerants, and does not endorse any particular company or its products.

Recovering and reclaiming refrigerants in an environmentally friendly manner will be essential to meet serving demands, particularly for HCFC-22 in 2010 and beyond. The EPA Reclaimer Certification Program ensures that EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimers are able to comply with federal regulations aimed at reducing emissions of ozone-depleting substances.

EPA has established that refrigerant that has been recovered and/or recycled can be returned to the same system or other systems owned by the same person without restriction. However, if used refrigerant changes ownership, it must be reclaimed by an EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimer prior to resale.

Contractors and technicians involved in the service, repair, or disposal of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems (i.e., appliances) have the option of returning their recovered refrigerant to a consolidator (such as a refrigerant manufacturer, supplier, wholesale distributor, or refrigerant recovery company) for packaging and preparation for reclamation, or in some cases directly to an EPA reclaimer.

EPA encourages the collection of used refrigerant for ultimate reclamation and the minimization of potential releases by providing contractors access to locator tools to identify companies that accept used refrigerants in their local area. Note that EPA does not endorse any of the following companies, and is providing the following links for informational purposes only.

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