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ODS Electronic Reporting Opportunity

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Contact Information

For questions about registering and logging onto CDX, contact the CDX Help desk 888.890.1995 or email helpdesk@epacdx.net 

For other questions about your electronic data submission, contact:
Mike James at 202-343-9192

In a continuing effort to improve data quality, while reducing reporting burden for our stakeholder community, EPA is pleased to offer an electronic reporting system as an alternative to the existing paper based reporting system for Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) data. Electronic reporting can reduce time and resources spent fulfilling reporting requirements, reduce the use of paper, and improve the quality of the data.

To participate in the electronic reporting system, you will need to register with EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) and obtain an electronic signature. Once you initiate registration, EPA will authenticate your account in approximately 48 hours. You can then complete electronic forms and submit them through CDX. Please see training presentation and guidance documents for a complete explanation of the electronic reporting system.

In order to ensure proper use of the forms, you will need Microsoft Excel 2003. It is possible to complete the forms using other versions of Excel; however, please contact EPA first for guidance.

Training Presentation - This presentation provides an introduction to the electronic reporting process.

Guidance - This comprehensive 3-Part Guidance walks you through the step by step process to register and submit your ODS data electronically.

  1. Register as a CDX User (PDF) (13 pp., 1.1 MB) - This document details the steps required to register as a CDX user. The registration process is a one-time process that will need to be completed prior to submitting data electronically.
  2. Prepare Data for Submission (PDF) (19 pp., 734 KB) - This document provides guidance on how to prepare data for submission.
  3. Submit ODS Data to EPA (PDF) (12 pp., 921 MB) - This document provides guidance on how to prepare data for submission.

E-Reporting Newsletter provides useful tips and reminders to help companies submit data electronically.

Electronic Forms - Download the electronic reporting forms. You will need to register with CDX and create an electronic signature in order to be able to electronically submit these forms to EPA. See the important notes for completing the electronic reporting forms. Remember, you must submit electronic forms and hard copy forms for the first two quarters you use the electronic reporting system. This will allow EPA to ensure a seamless transition to the electronic reporting system.

Federal Register Notice - In this notice, EPA announces the launch of the electronic reporting system.

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