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UV Radiation Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge of UV radiation and its effects in this crossword puzzle. You may print out the puzzle, the clues, and the words, or you may try the online version.



  • 5. An electric light that mimics the sun's harmful rays
  • 8. With a wide brim, it protects your face, neck, and ears
  • 10. EPA's program to help teach kids about sun safety
  • 11. Skin ___: One of the worst health effects of too much sun
  • 12. People get ___% of their sun exposure by age 18
  • 14. Only amount of sun exposure that's safe
  • 15. Daily forecast of UV exposure


  • 1. Clouding of the eye's lens
  • 2. After too much UV, this system can't fight off disease as well
  • 3. With SPF of 15 or more, protects skin against the sun
  • 4. Sun___: Shades for your eyes
  • 6. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats do it
  • 7. Chemical in CFCs that destroys ozone
  • 9. Layer that protects the Earth from the Sun's UVB
  • 13. Type of UV that's especially harmful
Immune Glasses UV Index Sunlamp Sunscreen Tiny UVB
Sunwise School Eighty Cataract Cancer Ozone Protect Hat Chlorine

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