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Ozone Science Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge of ozone layer science and ozone depletion in this crossword puzzle. You may print out the puzzle, the clues, and the words, or you may try the online version.



  • 3. Microscopic animals harmed by excess UV
  • 6. Especially harmful band of UV radiation
  • 11. One atom of this can destroy over 100,000 ozone molecules
  • 12. Unnatural thinning of the ozone layer by human activities
  • 13. Skin ___: One of the worst health effects of too much sun
  • 14. ___ conditioning: one type of equipment that used CFCs
  • 15. Unit for measuring column ozone
  • 17. ___osphere: Part of the atmosphere containing the ozone layer


  • 1. The southernmost continent; location of the ozone hole
  • 2. Wind pattern over Antarctica that isolates the ozone hole
  • 4. Ozone ___: region containing most atmospheric ozone
  • 5. Montreal ___: Treaty protecting the ozone layer
  • 7. Chemical that makes methyl bromide an ozone-depleting substance
  • 8. Molecule that absorbs UVB radiation from the sun, protecting Earth
  • 9. A substitute for CFCs that's much less damaging to the ozone layer
  • 10. Ultra___: Harmful solar radiation
  • 16. Measure of how much a chemical harms the ozone layer
Cancer Dobson Violet Plankton Bromine Layer
HCFC UVB Depletion Antarctica Chlorine Protocol
Strat ODP Ozone Air Vortex

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