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Quarantine and Preshipment (QPS) Exemption

The Quarantine and Preshipment (QPS) rule implements an allowable exemption for production and consumption of methyl bromide, for quarantine and preshipment purposes. The QPS exemption is based on self-certification. EPA agreed to the Montreal Protocol's definitions of quarantine and preshipment, as described in Decisions VI/11 and VII/5.

Quarantine Applications

'Quarantine applications,' with respect to methyl bromide, are treatments to prevent the introduction, establishment and/or spread of quarantine pests (including diseases), or to ensure their official control, where: (i) Official control is that performed by, or authorized by, a national plant, animal, or environmental protection or health authority; (ii) quarantine pests are pests of potential importance to the areas endangered thereby and not yet present there, or present by not widely distributed and being officially controlled.

An example of a quarantine application of methyl bromide is the fumigation of a commodity, such as rice and spices, which are subject to infestation by a specific and officially recognized quarantine pest, such as the khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium Everts) when the fumigation is conducted before transport of the commodity to meet official quarantine requirements. The purpose of quarantine fumigation is to prevent the introduction of specific quarantine pest(s) into a defined geographical area, such as an importing country.

Preshipment Applications

'Preshipment applications,' with respect to methyl bromide, are those non-quarantine applications within 21 days prior to export to meet the official requirements of the importing country or the existing official requirements of the exporting country. Official requirements are those which are performed by, or authorized by, a national plant, animal, environmental, health or stored product authority.

An example of a preshipment use of methyl bromide is the application to wheat immediately before shipment because of official phytosanitary requirements of the destination country.

Final Rule (January 2, 2003; 68 FR 237) (18 pp, 161 KB)
Interim Final Rule (July 19, 2001; 66 FR 37751) (18 pp, 227 KB)

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