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EPA Region 4 Files Record Number of CFC Enforcement Actions

December 2, 1999

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 4 has successfully implemented the Agency's strategy to strengthen enforcement of federal CFC regulations. From Oct. 1, 1998, to Sept. 31, 1999, 96 parties were named in enforcement actions, a major increase compared to a total of 9 CFC-related actions filed in the region during fiscal year 1998. Under this strategy, Region 4 has filed more enforcement actions than any other EPA region in the country.

The 96 enforcement actions taken by the Region in fiscal year 1999 included 74 Administrative Orders (AOs) with no penalty and 22 Administative Penalty Orders (APOs). EPA proposed more than $253,000 in fines and collected more than $119,000 in final penalties.

John H. Hankinson, Jr., EPA Regional Administrator in Atlanta, said, "These enforcement actions reflect the Agency's commitment to ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Clean Air Act to protect human health and the environment. The environmental threat from CFCs is serious and well-documented; therefore, EPA will aggressively enforce the laws regulating their use."

The AOs and APOs required each facility to comply with the regulations governing the use of CFCs in servicing air conditioning. All of the companies have taken steps to comply with the Orders. EPA actions not previously reported include:

Administrative Orders, (No Penalty)
Sigi's Automotive, Enterprise, AL
Smith's Used Cars, Inc., Demopolis, AL

Sterling Race Craft, Orlando, FL
Tuffy Auto Service Centers, N. Florida Ave., Tampa, FL
R&S Import Automotive, Inc., Tampa, FL
Tuffy Auto Service Centers, E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL
Pep Boys Store no. 182, Davie, FL
Tune-Up Clinic Express Lube no. 103, Orlando, FL
Tech Master, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Telford Poole Electric & Refrigeration, Cornelia, GA
Meineke Discount Mufflers, Martinez, GA

Administrative Penalty Orders
Minton's Auto & Truck Center, Inc., Oxford, AL -- $2,105.83
EZ Credit Auto Sales, Montgomery, AL -- $3,869.25

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Plantation, FL -- $15,477
Shy Lake Shell, Orlando, FL -- $3,869
Plaza Tire & Auto Center, Miami, FL -- $7,738.50
Christensen Enterprises, Inc., Orlando, FL -- $11,588.50
Guy's Garage, Cape Coral, FL -- $1,000
Park Service Garage, Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- $2,000
Mike's Garage & Auto Repair, Inc., Tampa, FL -- $3,869.60

Saturn of Macon, Inc., Macon, GA -- $43,639.60

South Carolina
Coastal Realty & Development, Inc., Conway, SC -- $1,232

CFC priority enforcement program is fiscal year 1999 under the Clean Air Act supported the Agency's goal of protecting children's health. In fiscal year 2000, EPA's southeastern office will continue to focus on CFC enforcement with special emphasis on the safe disposal and industrial process sectors.

The stratospheric ozone layer protects the earth from ultraviolet (UV-B) radiation. According to a national and international consensus, refrigerants like CFCs and hydrochloroflurocarbons must be restricted because of the risk of depletion of the ozone layer. When depletion of the ozone occurs, the potential for UV-B radiation exposure increases, resulting in potential health and environmental harm including increased incidence of skin cancers and cataracts, suppression of the immune system, and to damage plants including crops and aquatic organisms.

Persons interested in obtaining additional information about CFCs or who would like to report suspected violations are encouraged to call EPA's toll free hotline at 800/296-1996.

Contact: EPA Dawn Harris, 404/562-8421

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