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The Stratospheric Protection Division

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About Us

EPA’s Stratospheric Protection Division (SPD) runs regulatory and voluntary programs that protect the Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer and educate the public about sun safety. We care about ozone depletion because a thinner ozone layer allows more harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation to reach the Earth’s surface. Our programs to protect the ozone layer include requirements under the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer and the Clean Air Act. SPD runs the regulatory program to phase out the production and import of ozone-depleting substances in the U.S. and guides the transition to non-ozone depleting substitutes. Over the past several decades, SPD and its partners have made significant strides to protect the Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer, the environment, and people’s health. However, healing the ozone layer will take many more years.

Our Mission

The mission of the Stratospheric Protection Division is to heal the Earth’s Stratospheric Ozone Layer and reduce incidence of related human health damages, like skin cancer. We accomplish this through domestic regulation, international engagement, voluntary programs, education, and outreach. Domestically and internationally, we promote the transition from ozone-depleting substances towards alternatives that do not create other forms of atmospheric damage, like interference with the Earth’s climate system. While the ozone layer remains damaged, we can help create sustained sun-safe behaviors among Americans, especially children.

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Our Goals

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What We Do

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How SPD Fits into EPA

SPD is part of the Office of Atmospheric Programs (OAP) within the Office of Air and Radiation. OAP includes three other Divisions:

Note: SPD works to prevent skin cancer and to protect the stratospheric ozone layer. Ground-level ozone is involved in other air quality issues. Please visit the appropriate site for more information on these topics:

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