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smartway logoTrends, Indicators, and Partner Statistics (TIPS) for April 29, 2014

TIPS (Trends, Indicators, and Partner Statistics) is a source of leading freight movement industry indicators and quick facts about current SmartWay Partner performance metrics.

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Posted April 29, 2014

On this Page:

  1. Percentage of Revenue Miles across SmartWay Fleets
  2. Revenue and Non-revenue Miles for SmartWay Trucks, by Year
  3. Average Percent Revenue Miles for SmartWay Truck Fleets, by Category

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Based on 2011 SmartWay Carrier data, this chart shows the range of the percentages of revenue miles traveled for SmartWay truck fleets. The line is made up of individual points, each of which corresponds to a single fleet's average percentage of revenue miles. To preserve confidentiality, no fleet name is associated with any data point.

This graph shows the total revenue and non-revenue miles for SmartWay truck fleets, based on Carrier Partner data reported for 2008-2011. Note that not all non-revenue miles are empty miles; for example, a contract may include payment for return miles after freight delivery.

This chart shows, for each SmartWay truck category, the average of the percentages of revenue miles reported by fleets as a proportion of their total reported miles, based on 2011 SmartWay Carrier data.

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