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How to Install NMIM on a Windows Machine

IMPORTANT! Please read all of the material in this file prior to beginning the installation and print this file to guide you in installation.

For assistance with the installation and installation instructions, please contact us at mobile@epa.gov.

Minimum System Requirements

If you are installing NMIM on a stand-alone PC, you'll need Windows 2000, NT, XP or later, at least 5 gigabytes of free hard drive space, and at least 256 megabytes of RAM.  NMIM has not been tested on Vista.  We expect that NMIM will run on 32-bit Vista, but not 64-bit Vista.  NMIM does not run on 64-bit systems.

Contents of the NMIM Installation Suite (Zip File or CD-Rom)

The NMIM installation suite, a downloaded zip file or CD-ROM, contains these instructions (Readme.doc) and the following five folders:

  1. Folder "Java 1.4.2" containing the program that installs Java 1.4.2.
  2. Folder "MySQL5", containing instructions and programs needed to install MySQL5.
  3. Folder "MySQL Tools" containing instructions and installation programs for optional MySQL tools.
  4. Folder "NMIM," containing the program that installs NMIM.
  5. Folder "NMIM Documentation," - supplemental documents of interest for running and understanding NMIM
    • NMIM User Guide.pdf
    • How NMIM Works.pdf
    • nmim_technical_memorandum_1104.pdf - How state and local organizations should submit changes to the NMIM County Database (NCD) as part of the NEI process. This document is useful for understanding the naming conventions for external MOBILE6 and NONROAD files.
    • VMT_Fractions.pdf - How to go from the 8 MOBILE5 vehicle classes to the 28 MOBILE6 vehicle classes

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Installation Procedure

The installation process is the same regardless of whether you are installing NMIM to run on a single PC or to use it on multiple PCs on a network. If you plan to use a network, however, you must install the software separately on each PC.

The full NMIM product installation consists of three distinct software installations:

  1. Java 1.4.2
  2. MySQL5* (*disclaimer)
  3. NMIM

EPA recommends that you perform the installations in this order.

Some optional graphical tools for MySQL are included to assist in viewing and working with MySQL databases.

If you have a CD-Rom, work from that. If you downloaded NMIMInstall20090720.zip, unzip it (preserving the file structure), which will create a folder called NMIMInstall20090720. That folder will contain the same subfolders and files as the CD.

Please verify that you have administrative rights on your computer. Several MOVES tools require administrative rights to install and run. Ask your technical support group for help with any problem of administrative rights.

*Disclaimer: EPA's use of MySQL does not represent an endorsement of the product or any commercial enterprise.

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1. Install Java 1.4.2

Open the folder "Java 1.4.2." Double click j2sdk-1_4_2_03-windows-i586-p.exe.  The Java SDK installer will start.  The screens and our recommendations are as follows:

This procedure will install Sun Java version j2sdk1.4.2_03 on your computer.  NMIM requires that this exact version of Java be available.  Other versions of Java may not work with NMIM.  However, other versions of Java can exist on your computer, and installing Java version j2sdk1.4.2_03 will not overwrite or prevent other versions of Java from operating.

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2. Install MySQL

This step can be skipped if the computer already has MySQL installed. The version of MySQL we are using is 5.0.27. (We are pretty sure, but not positive, that newer versions will also work with NMIM.  Installing MySQL is not a straightforward "accept the defaults" installation.  To work properly with NMIM, it must be customized as described below.

If you have an earlier version of MySQL installed, we recommend replacing it with the newer version that is distributed with this installation.  The earlier version should be removed before attempting to install the newer version. Removing MySQL is a two-step process.  First, stop MySQL as a service by clicking Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services.  Find MySQL in the list of services.  Right click on MySQL, and then click on Stop.  Second, remove the program by clicking Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs.  Find MySQL Server in the list, and click Remove.

To install MySQL5, open the MySQL5 folder (using Windows Explorer or equivalent)

MySQL documentation is installed with the program and may be found in C:\mysql\docs..

Potential Problems Installing MySQL

If you are installing on 32-bit Vista, you must modify the security settings as follows: Click Start, Control Panel, User Accounts, Turn User Account Control on or off.  Uncheck the box labeled "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer."

MySQL 5.0.27 will not run on 64-bit Windows, and EPA has not successfully installed NMIM on 64-bit Windows.

According MySQL/Sun (for detail see http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/windows-installation.html)

Please consult with your technical support group about any above-mentioned problems.

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3. Install NMIM

To install NMIM and its database, open the NMIM folder (using Windows Explorer or equivalent) and double click the one file that is there, NMIMInstallationPackage.jar. The only screen where you have to make a choice requests, "Please select the \DATA directory of your MySQL installation. This directory is typically c:\mysql\data, but may be elsewhere, depending on how you installed MySQL. We recommend accepting defaults for the rest of the installation.

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4. Install MySQL Tools (optional)

These are not necessary to run NMIM, but are convenient for viewing and working with MySQL databases, including the NMIM County Database and the NMIM output databases that are generated by running NMIM. To install the MySQL Tools, open the MySQL Tools folder in the installation suite and double click on mysql-gui-tools-5.0-r16-win32.msi

When you start MySQL Query Browser for the first time from the desktop icon, a screen will open with boxes to specify a number of parameters. All you have to fill in is localhost in the Server Host box. When you click OK, a message box will appear saying "No Default Schema Specified." Check the box which says "Do not show this message anymore" and Click "Ignore." Use the Help menu to learn how to use the software.

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Running NMIM from a Desktop Windows Computer

You must start TWO programs, a Master and a Worker.  The Master is started by the icon labeled "NMIM Master." The Worker is started by the icon labeled "NMIM Worker."  You make your selections and click execute using the NMIM Master, but it is the Worker that runs NONROAD and MOBILE.  The Master won't give you any warning if there is no Worker available.  It will just sit there forever waiting for a Worker.  The Master-Worker arrangement may seem peculiar, but it is the basis for NMIM's distributed processing capability.

After starting the NMIM Master, consult the HELP menu for further instructions.

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Known Bugs and Problems

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If you have trouble with the installation or operation of NMIM, please email us at mobile@epa.gov.


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