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Green Vehicle Guide

What You Can Do

Driving your vehicle releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change—but you can take simple, easy steps to cut your emissions, reduce our nation's dependence on oil, and save money.

Buy green. Save green. 
Are you leaving MONEY on the table? 
Here's how much you could save in 1 year if you switch from 20 MPG to a more fuel-efficient car or truck. 
(image of increasingly tall stacks of money showing savings by increasing fuel economy, from $500 at 25 miles per gallon  to $1,600 at 50 miles per gallon.) 
What if you switched from 25 mpg to 50 mpg? 
Each day you save for 1 latte or 2 slices of pizza. 
In 1 year you save enough for 25 trips to the movies with a friend AND a new computer! 
Over 5 years you save over $5,000, enough to use for whatever you like! 
You'll also reduce your gasoline use. 
Switching from a 25 to 50 MPG car: You'll use 1/2 as much gas each year. 
(image of stacks of gas cans decreasing from 600 gallons at 25 miles per gallon to 300 gallons at 50 miles per gallon. 
Over 5 years, you'll save 100 trips to the gas station. 
Assumptions—Gasoline: $3.50/gal;  Annual miles: 15,000, Gasoline Tank:  15 gallons;  Movie ticket: $9.00;  Latte: $2.75;  Pizza Slice:  $1.40;  Laptop $500.  Monetary values shown in top graph are rounded to the nearest $100.

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