"You are in a place that is really like no other place in America. This is the place that performs all the official US government testing for both fuel economy and emissions. As importantly, the work that happens here by an extraordinary set of people is what helps set common sense, cost-effective, wise emissions regulations for the United States.

It’s this team of people and the work done at this facility that in large part enabled what can only be described as a historic set of emission standards and new fuel economy standards for the United States… announced by the President earlier this year… ‘As the single largest step the United States has ever taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel economy.’

It was really a historic undertaking and historic result, not just in terms of the economy, environmental and security results that this new national policy enables, but also importantly in terms of how this policy was developed, in collaboration with the automakers that you see seated up here, in collaboration with non-governmental organizations, in collaboration with three different government agencies, and with labor.

…That is really why we asked you all here today to start seeing the automakers response is to this new national policy. … The story you are going to hear today is that the industry is actually ahead of schedule in terms of where they expect to be in 2016 and in 2025. It is really a great tribute to the commitment of the industry to this extraordinary policy. "

- Christopher Grundler, Director Office of Transportation and Air Quality U.S. Environmental Protection Agency