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Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS)

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Power Plants Likely Covered by the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) for Power Plants

Static Map: Toxics Rule Facilities (PDF) (1p, 391k)
List of facilities (PDF) (12 pp, 202k)

Blue Circle LegendFacilities with coal units
Red Circle LegendFacilities with oil units
Purple Circle LegendFacilities with coal and oil units
American Indian Reservations Legend American Indian Reservations/Federally Recognized Tribal Entities*

Source: National Electric Energy Data System (NEEDS 4.10 MATS) (EPA, December 2011) and EPAs Information Collection Request (ICR) for New and Existing Coal- And Oil-Fired Electric Utility Stream Generation Units (2010)

Note: This map displays facilities that are included in the NEEDS 4.10 MATS data base and that contain at least one oil-fired steam generating unit or one coal-fired steam generating unit that generates more than 25 megawatts of power. This includes coal-fired units that burn petroleum coke and that turn coal into gas before burning (using integrated gasification combined cycle or IGCC). NEEDS reflects available capacity on-line by the end of 2011; this includes committed new builds and committed retirements of old units. Only coal and oil-fired units are covered by this rule. Some of the oil units displayed on the map are capable of burning oil and/or gas. If a unit burns only gas, it will not be covered in the rule. In areas with a dense concentration of facilities, the facilities on the map may overlap and some may be impossible to see. Double-click on a point in the map or enter an address to zoom into the map; this will allow overlapping facilities to individually display. IPM modeling did not include generation outside the contiguous U.S., where EPA is aware of only two facilities that would be subject to the coal-fired requirements of the final rule. Given the limited number of potentially impacted facilities, limited availability of input data to inform the modeling, and limited connection to the continental grid, EPA did not model the impacts of the rule beyond the contiguous U.S. Facilities outside the contiguous U.S. are displayed based on data from EPAs 2010 ICR for the rule. *American Indian Reservations / Federally Recognized Tribal Entities shown were provided by the US DOI, BIA, and GDSC; they are not a legal representation of reservation boundaries.

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