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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
219 Street Road
West Grove, PA 19390
United States
Primary Contact
Mr. Scott Mengle (scott@seccra.org)
General Manager
Phone: (610) 869-2452 x117
Fax: (610) 869-8064
SECCRA (the Southeastern Chester County Refuse Authority) was formed in 1968 by forward-thinking community leaders who felt the need to plan for the waste disposal needs of a growing community. Founded by 10 municipalities, SECCRA has grown to provide service to 24 municipalities in southern Chester County. Each of the founding municipalities holds a seat on SECCRA?s Board of Directors. In 1968, SECCRA?s role was to provide a safe and sanitary location for trash disposal. It was a giant step forward from the open dumps and burn piles of yesteryear. This role has evolved over time, and while continuing to operate a safe and sanitary landfill, growing to include providing recycling services and making electricity from the decomposing waste in the landfill.

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