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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
30 North Brae Court
Tenafly, NJ 07670
United States
Professional Services
  • Broker, Exchange/Registry, Verifier
  • Project Financier/Lender
Primary Contact
Mr. Claude Devillers (cdeville@optonline.net)
Managing Director
Phone: (201) 567-2562
Merzbach Group, LLC provides advice and carbon finance solutions with offices in New York, San Diego, Houston, and Paris. The firm specializes in monetizing the value of emission reductions from greenhouse gases (GHGs) such as CO2. Merzbach's carbon finance solutions are used to implement capital investments in clean energy, waste management, and biomass assets that reduce emissions of GHGs. Such reductions generate market-tradable credits under new environmental regulations. Merzbach has developed three lines of business: 1. Co-financing which involves leveraging an existing network of financial institutions familiar with Merzbach work. Merzbach obtains arranging fees and other revenues specific to Merzbach carbon finance solutions; 2. MMF1, a private mezzanine fund providing long-term financing based on the value of Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements. MMF1 has been developed in cooperation with the World Bank Carbon Finance Business; and 3. Advisory, targeting the early development of carbon finance opportunities, as well as the structuring of synthetic assets with enhanced tradable features. Clients are companies that implement GHG emissions reduction projects in capital constrained regions. Merzbach carbon finance solutions have a unique financial structure. The Merzbach team has an extensive track record relevant to achieving Merzbach goals, and each of its partners has over 15 years of experience in their respective discipline. LFG projects to-date represent about 20% of Merzbach back-log.
Additional Contact(s)
Ms. Karen Derenthal (kderenthal@earthlink.net)
Head of Project Finance
Phone: (619) 297-4503

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