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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
1299 Harrisburg Pike
P.O. Box 4425
Lancaster, PA 17604
United States
Primary Contact
Mr. Brooks K. Norris (bnorris@lcswma.org)
Senior Manager, Technical Services
Phone: (717) 735-0163
Fax: (717) 397-9973
LCSWMA and PPL Renewable Energy developed an LFG energy project that extracts LFG from the Creswell and Frey Farm landfills. Creswell LF closed in 1989 and has 53 wells. Gas wells at the active Frey Farm LF are installed as the final cap is placed; it has 44 wells with a total of 120 wells expected when it reaches capacity in ~2020. LFG powers two Caterpillar engines that can generate 3,200 kW of power. Waste heat from the engines' exhaust is used to supply steam via a loop pipeline to adjacent Turkey Hill Dairy, providing 80% of its energy needs and saving the annual combustion of 240,000 gallons of diesel fuel. LCSWMA's totally integrated solid waste management system includes the Frey Farm LF, a Waste to Energy facility, a permanent Household Hazardous Waste facility, and a county-wide recycling program. Each year, LCSWMA processes more than 600,000 tons of waste and achieves a 40% MSW recycling rate. Only 2% of the MSW waste volume enters the Frey Farm LF.

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