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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
2901 W. Coast Highway
Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA 92663
United States
Equipment Supplier
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal
Primary Contact
Ms. Margaret von Tiesenhausen (margaret@firmgreen.com)
Corporate Office Manager
Phone: (949) 270-2941
FirmGreen, Inc. (FGI) is a privately held, integrated energy company participating in virtually all aspects of the global green energy business. FirmGreen® identifies, develops, and commercializes new and emerging technologies, and alternative fuels that promise to play an increasingly important role in the world's energy mix. FGI develops LFG utilization projects in both public and private sectors, and works to promote alternative energy and fuel economies. FGI utilizes CO2 Wash® as its technology platform. The system effectively removes a wide variety of LFG contaminants in a single process, permitting production of natural gas fuel from waste gases that meets OEM engine specs.
Additional Contact(s)
Ms. Meredith Brooks (m.brooks@firmgreen.com)
Program Manager
Phone: (812) 287-2262

Ms. Dena Elbayoumy (d.elbayoumy@firmgreen.com)
General Counsel
Phone: (949) 270-2941

Mr. Enrique Ruiz (e.ruiz@firmgreen.com)
Director of Business Development
Phone: (787) 398-4115

Mr. Steve Wilburn (steve@firmgreen.com)
President & CEO
Phone: (949) 270-2941

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