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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
100 South 2nd Street
Chambersburg, PA 17201
United States
Direct End-User
Primary Contact
Mr. Ronald Pezon, P.E. (rpezon@chambersburgpa.gov)
Electric Superintendent
Phone: (717) 261-3238
Fax: (717) 264-0224
The Borough of Chambersburg has partnered with PPL Renewable Energy LLC and the local landfill owned by Progressive Waste Solutions, to connect the electrical output of the PPL methane-burning power plant to the residents of the Borough. The trash from Chambersburg is hauled to the landfill, decomposes, and gives off methane gas over time. The PPL methane-burning power plant converts the methane gas into electric power that is returned/injected into the Chambersburg electric system through the approximate 4-mile Express Generator Feeder (EGF). The renewable/sustainable trash-to-energy cycle officially began in 2013 and may run for 20-40 years depending on numerous factors.

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