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Area Designations for 2008 Lead Standards

2008 Lead Standards — Region 9 Final Designations

States submitted an initial round of recommendations to the EPA for lead attainment and nonattainment in 2009. Some states submitted additional recommendations in 2010 based on more recent or new monitoring data.

The EPA completed lead designations in two rounds. In the first round, the EPA designated as “nonattainment” any area that violated the 2008 lead standards based on data from 2007-2009.

The EPA took an additional year to make final designations decisions for all other areas of the country to allow additional lead air quality data to be collected and evaluated. In the second round, the EPA designated those remaining areas as meeting or not meeting the 2008 lead standards based on data from 2008-2010.

Tribal information is available on the Tribal Recommendations page.

EPA's Final Designations

This table identifies the area designations for all states in this region. Nonattainment areas and the counties included in them are named. Each partial county is identified by a (p).

State Area Name Counties Designation
American Samoa Entire territory is unclassifiable/attainment
Arizona Hayden Pinal County (p) and Gila County (p) Unclassifiable
Rest of state is unclassifiable/attainment
California Los Angeles County South Coast Air Basin Los Angeles (p) Nonattainment
Rest of state is unclassifiable/attainment
Guam Entire territory is unclassifiable/attainment
Hawaii Entire state is unclassifiable/attainment
Nevada Entire state is unclassifiable/attainment
Northern Mariana Islands Entire territory is unclassifiable/attainment


State recommendations and EPA's responses

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