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Green Vehicle Guide

Interested in Promoting Green Vehicles?

Whether you're a private company, non-profit, state or local government, or just a citizen interested in promoting green vehicles, we encourage you to take a look at some of the initiatives and materials below. Perhaps you'll find some inspiration.

Together, we can make a difference by encouraging cleaner, more efficient transportation.

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Find your savings Your car burns more than gasoline Cold = lower MPG Plug in to Savings

Public Service Ad Campaigns

Our public service ad (PSA) campaigns encourage viewers to visit our Green Vehicle Guide to learn more about SmartWay vehicles and other cleaner, more efficient ways to get around.

Feel free to use these downloadable posters, which are suitable for use in newspapers, journals, magazines, web sites, blogs, and other outlets.

Smiling Car
Smiling Car Campaign
Smiling Car (PDF)
(1 pp, 3.5MB About PDF)
Leaf Campaign
"Reflects Well On You" (PDF)
(1 pp, 8.2MB About PDF)
Little Flower
Little Flower Campaign
"Smell the Flowers" (PDF)
(1 pp, 145K About PDF)
PSAs in Action: Connecticut Leading the Way...

Promoting SmartWay certified vehicles and the Green Vehicle Guide are important components of Connecticut's 2013 Comprehensive Energy Strategy. In addition to including SmartWay content and links on their climate change web page Exit and social media sites, Connecticut is also displaying SmartWay posters at DMV offices, as well as driving schools across the state.

Incentive Programs

One easy, low cost way to encourage the purchase of more efficient cars and trucks is to provide an incentive to people who buy SmartWay vehicles. Take a look at a few incentive programs at work around the country:

  • Universities and Non-Profits -
  • Municipalities - The City of Miami Beach Exit provides discounts on parking permits for residents, and discounts at city garages for those who commute into the city.
  • Private Sector – Many companies like Sprint Exit have “greened their fleet” by requiring that the majority of company cars be SmartWay certified.

Inspired? Let us know if you start a program of your own. We appreciate your help spreading the word—you may even find your program on this page!

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