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Top 30 K-12 Schools

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January 6, 2016
April 5, 2016
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January 25, 2016
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Released on January 25, 2016

Top 30 K-12 Schools icon.The Top 30 K-12 Schools list represents the largest green power users among K-12 school partners within the Green Power Partnership. The combined green power use of these organizations amounts to nearly 94 million kilowatt-hours of green power annually, which is equivalent to the electricity use of nearly 9,000 average American homes each year.

Utilizing green power...conveys to our students the important role and responsibility that all of us have in safeguarding our environment today and in the future.
- Dr. Pat Murphy, Arlington County Public Schools

Usage figures are based on annualized Partner contract amounts (kilowatt-hours), not calendar year totals. These rankings are updated on a quarterly schedule. Find out how your organization can partner with EPA today! To view a top partner list, select from the chart below:

Annual Green Power Usage (kWh) GP % of Total Electricity Use* Green Power Resources Providers (listed in descending order by kWh supplied to Partner) State
1. Austin (TX) Independent School District
19,920,000 13% Wind Austin Energy° TX
2. Tucson Unified School District
19,565,739 20% Solar On-site Generation AZ
3. Arlington County Public Schools
4,726,289 9% Solar, Wind Dominion Virgina Power°, On-site Generation VA
4. The Taft School
4,500,000 100% Solar, Wind Hess Energy Marketing°, On-site Generation CT
5. Sidwell Friends School
4,262,238 103% Solar, Wind WGL Energy°, On-site Generation DC
6. Euphemia L Haynes Public Charter School Inc
3,922,493 100% Various Direct Energy° DC
7. Westtown School
3,282,000 100% Wind WGL Energy° PA
8. Maplewood Richmond Heights School District
2,522,000 66% Wind 3Degrees°, Ameren Missouri° MO
9*. Friends Academy
2,400,000 100% Biogas, Biomass, Wind Sterling Planet° NY
9*. Hotchkiss School
2,400,000 34% Wind Community Energy° CT
11. Lake Travis Independent School District
1,956,000 41% Wind Austin Energy° TX
12. Grace Church School
1,944,076 100% Various Good Energy° NY
13. The Spence School
1,890,000 87% Wind Champion Energy Services° NY
14. Norwood School
1,845,200 100% Wind WGL Energy MD
15. Lycee Francais of New York
1,805,973 100% Biogas, Biomass, Solar, Wind Sterling Planet°, On-site Generation NY
16. Harmony Public Schools
1,736,341 10% Wind Green Mountain Energy TX
17. Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences
1,653,000 100% Biogas, Biomass, Wind Sterling Planet° CA
18. Maret School
1,500,000 100% Wind Renewable Choice Energy° DC
19. Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy
1,410,439 100% Solar, Wind WGL Energy°, On-site Generation MD
20. The Brearley School
1,393,000 100% Biogas, Biomass, Wind Sterling Planet° NY
21. Scranton School Districts
1,355,712 10% Wind Green Mountain Energy PA
22. Pflugerville Independent School District
1,245,000 13% Wind Austin Energy° TX
23. The Nightingale-Bamford School
1,150,000 100% Biogas, Biomass, Wind Sterling Planet° NY
24. Kent Place School
1,100,000 58% Biogas, Biomass, Wind Sterling Planet° NJ
25. SAU #47, Jaffrey - Rindge
925,000 40% Wind Constellation° NH
26. SAU #10, Derry Schools
768,969 20% Wind Constellation° NH
27. Sheridan School
761,626 112% Solar, Wind innov8energy°, On-site Generation DC
28. The Town School
664,000 100% Various Sterling Planet° NY
29. The Hewitt School
649,000 100% Biogas, Biomass, Wind Sterling Planet° NY
30. The British International School of New York
600,000 106% Various Sterling Planet NY

*Reflects the amount of green power as a percentage of total electricity use. Partners choosing to purchase green power in an amount exceeding 100 percent of their U.S. organization-wide electricity use are listed as such.

°Indicates Provider is selling Partner a third-party certified green power product. For more information on third-party certification, visit http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/buygp/certified.htm.

Current list of Top K-12 Schools is available here for you to view and print:

January 2016 list (PDF) (3 pp, 208K, About PDF)
Oct 2015 list (PDF) (3 pp, 209K)
July 2015 list (PDF) (3 pp, 148K)
April 2015 list (PDF) (3 pp, 148K)
January 2015 list (PDF) (3 pp, 84K)
October 2014 list (PDF) (3 pp, 220K)
July 2014 list (PDF) (3 pp, 70K)
April 2014 list (PDF) (3 pp, 66K)
January 2014 list (PDF) (3 pp, 66K)
November 2013 list (PDF) (4 pp, 79K)
July 2013 list (PDF) (4 pp, 270K)
April 2013 list (PDF) (2 pp, 175K)
January 2013 list (PDF) (3 pp, 252K)
2011 lists (PDF) (9 pp, 106K)
2010 lists (PDF) (2 pp, 798K)
October 2009 list (PDF) (2 pp, 798K)

For additional information on how your organization can join these Top Partners as Green Power Partners, please visit the Join Us page of this Web site.

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