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Green Power Partnership

Partner Profile

Zotos International
Location Geneva, NY
Organization Type Consumer Products
Annual Green Power Usage (kWh) 12,100,000
Percentage Green Power 100%
Purchasing Third-Party Certified Green Power Product? Yes
Organization-wide Partner No
Partner's Reporting Period 1/1/2014 - 12/31/2014
Latest Annual Report Received On 6/17/2015
Awards/Recognition Green Power Leadership Award 2012
Environmental Web Page exit EPA
Partner Profile
Zotos International is proud to be an EPA Green Power Partner. The company generated approximately 2,500,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of on-site wind energy in 2014 at its manufacturing plant in Geneva, New York. Zotos' sustainability initiatives have been driven by consumer demand for green products, a desire to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs, as well as a moral imperative, as a beauty company, to create a more beautiful planet. Among the biggest benefits, and a major lesson learned, is how the company's commitment to sustainability drives innovation, both within Zotos and within its supply chain, enabling all parties to become more globally competitive. As a result, Zotos has increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and created new jobs at its US manufacturing plant.

"Our initiatives have transformed Zotos into one of the fastest-growing and greenest manufacturers in the global beauty industry, more consumers are demanding sustainable products, and as a beauty company, we have a moral imperative to meet this demand. All of us want a healthier and more beautiful planet, and we're proud to do our part."""

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