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Green Power Partnership

Partner Profile

VIA Metropolitan Transit
Location San Antonio, TX
Organization Type Transportation
Annual Green Power Usage (kWh) 9,319,065
Percentage Green Power 100%
Purchasing Third-Party Certified Green Power Product? No
Organization-wide Partner Yes
Partner's Reporting Period 1/1/2014 - 12/31/2014
Latest Annual Report Received On 4/20/2015
Environmental Web Page exit EPA
Partner Profile
As the primary provider of public transportation in the San Antonio region with a fleet of over 550 revenue vehicles, VIA Metropolitan Transit has long recognized its role as a steward of the environment and constantly works to reduce fleet emissions. Periodically VIA purchases new vehicles to replace older ones and uses the latest in alternative fuel technology whenever possible. In addition to fleet and fuel decisions, the decision to purchase 100% Windtricity solidifies VIA’s commitment to reducing pollution and supporting the development of renewable energy sources. Furthermore, San Antonio, until very recently, was the largest city still in compliance with air quality standards. Despite the city's best efforts, in August 2012 the ground level ozone amount, when combined with averages in the previous 2 years, was above the EPA’s threshold for NAAQS at two of the region’s monitors. However, the ozone standard is currently under EPA review and may not result in a nonattainment designation. Therefore, VIA believes it is vital to work with its partners to continue to improve air quality.

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