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Green Power Partnership

Partner Profile

Southeastern Container, Inc.
Location Hudson, NH
Organization Type Food & Beverage
Annual Green Power Usage (kWh) 10,191,187
Percentage Green Power 3%
Percent of Green Power Use Third-Party Certified (excluding On-site) 100%
Organization-wide Partner Yes
Partner's Reporting Period 1/1/2014 - 12/31/2014
Latest Annual Report Received On 2/3/2014
Partner Profile
Southeastern Container is committed to using renewable energy resources that make business sense and contribute to reducing its carbon footprint by purchasing third-party certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). These RECs eliminate 14,369 metric tonnes of CO2 created by conventional sources of generation. This is also the equivalent of removing 2,706 cars from the road for 1 year. The driving force behind the company's commitment to renewable energy and the GPP was based upon the company's belief that they should support and learn about renewable energy markets through direct participation, while at the same time obtaining the additional benefit of reducing our carbon footprint. Tom Francis, President of Southeastern Container, says, "We have learned as an organization to become more responsible users of energy, especially electricity, and that the numerous conservation measures we have implemented across our organization has favorably bent the energy cost curve, while simultaneously yielding dramatic reductions in GHG emissions. A portion of the energy savings that are derived from these conservation measures have been "reinvested" through the sustained purchase of renewable energy credits each year."

Some of Southeastern Container's facilities have received awards from various state environmental agencies for their innovative environmental projects that focus upon reducing consumption of raw materials, natural resources, energy, and improving the environment of the local community. Of particular note was that the purchase of renewable energy and SEC's participation in the U.S. EPA Green Power Partnership was cited as an example in one of the state awards. Also over the past few years, as Southeastern Container continued to develop more environmentally friendly business practices, they have seen a very positive impact on their financial performance, plus the added benefit of being able to operate more efficiently within a smaller environmental footprint. Francis adds, "Membership in the Green Power Partnership provides the company a very visible platform from which we can work to improve employee awareness of our commitment to building a more sustainable business model and to become a better corporate citizen within the community."

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