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Green Power Partnership

Partner Profile

Ortega National Parks, LLC
Location Santa Fe, NM
Organization Type Recreation
Annual Green Power Usage (kWh) 1,994,160
Percentage Green Power 57%
Percent of Green Power Use Third-Party Certified (excluding On-site) 98%
Organization-wide Partner Yes
Partner's Reporting Period 1/1/2014 - 12/31/2014
Latest Annual Report Received On 6/19/2015
Environmental Web Page exit EPA
Partner Profile
As a family-run company, Ortega National Parks operates in small to medium size Park operations where we can make a real difference in reducing the local ecosystem impact of not only our operations but also all Park visitors. Ortega National Parks is dedicated to meeting and exceeding all applicable legal regulations and other requirements in order to preserve and protect the unique environments and precious resources where we operate, allowing our guests and future generations to experience the beauty, serenity, and splendor of the local and national parks. Consideration of the environmental impact of daily operations plays a primary role in our planning and management, specifically the impact of energy resources. Our first priority is energy reduction through improved efficiency and aggressive usage strategies and technologies, and then we either purchase renewable energy directly from the local provider or third-party-certified renewable energy credits to offset what we must use. Our future focus will be on installing on-site renewable energy wherever conditions allow.

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