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Green Power Partnership

Partner Profile

City of Santa Cruz, CA / Wastewater Treatment Facility
Location Santa Cruz, CA
Organization Type Govt. (Local, Municipal)
Annual Green Power Usage (kWh) 7,812,247
Percentage Green Power 69%
Organization-wide Partner No
Partner's Reporting Period 1/1/2014 - 12/31/2014
Latest Annual Report Received On 7/31/2015
Environmental Web Page exit EPA
Partner Profile
Santa Cruz is an environmentally centered coastal community and the municipality has been committed to using renewable energy since 1982. As the municipality’s single largest energy consumer, the wastewater treatment facility has always been seen as a great opportunity for the utilization of onsite renewable energy. In 1991 the wastewater treatment facility began using its biogas to produce heat and electricity and has continued to upgrade this cogeneration system and install solar PV in order to offset its high power usage. The facility will continue to seek more viable renewable energy options and available upgrades to the cogeneration system in the future. “I have worked with the EPA in the past on energy saving programs and it is always an honor to be recognized by them” said Greg Galvin, Electrical Supervisor at the Facility. “Not only do we strive to use less energy each year, but by taking advantage of the technology for generating our own power from our process, our Facility contributes to the City’s Sustainability Plan. We also hope to send a message to the local community and around the globe that supporting clean sources of electricity is not only a worthy investment but also aids in mitigating the harmful effects of increased GHGs to help protect our sensitive environment.”

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