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Green Power Partnership

Partner Profile

City of San Diego, CA
Location San Diego, CA
Organization Type Govt. (Local, Municipal)
Annual Green Power Usage (kWh) 20,392,875
Percentage Green Power 10%
Organization-wide Partner Yes
Partner's Reporting Period 7/1/2014 - 6/30/2015
Latest Annual Report Received On 9/21/2015
Awards/Recognition Green Power Leadership Award 2003
Environmental Web Page exit EPA
Partner Profile
The City of San Diego, California, a 2003 Green Power Leadership Award winner, is pursuing energy independence and becoming a model city by using renewable energy resources and energy conservation. The City has a commitment to produce 50 MW of renewable energy in San Diego within the next decade. In meeting this commitment, the City operates a gas utilization facility located in the Point Loma Waste Water Treatment Plant (PLWWTP). This cogeneration facility is powered by wastewater methane gas and generates 4.57 MW of electricity. In addition, PLWWTP employs a hydroelectric facility producing another 1.35 MW of power generated by the 100-foot drop of treated sewage flow exiting the plant into the ocean. Landfill methane gas produced by the set of digesters at the Metro Biosolids Center (MBC) from the City operated Miramar Landfill is captured and converted to produce 6.4 MW of electricity. Following the success of the MBC, the North City Water Reclamation Plant was built to produce 3.8 MW of energy from excess landfill gas. A third party partner produces power for the wastewater treatment operations and also sells excess electricity to the local utility. A total of 10.2 MW is produced from cogeneration as a result of these two facilities. The City of San Diego generates more than 125 million kWh of renewable power on an annual basis but only maintains REC ownership on 20.3 Million kWh because of incentive and tax policies that existed when the projects were developed. Approximately half of the 10.2 MW produced at the wastewater treatment plants is utilized on site. The City has 15 photovoltaic systems installed throughout the region on City-owned facilities capable of producing 2 MW that is used on site or net metered to the local utility.

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