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Green Power Partnership Program Updates

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Issue 18, March 10, 2014


Partner Spotlight: Phoenix Press

View from above Phoenix Press' on-site wind turbine.
View from above Phoenix Press' on-site wind turbine.

Phoenix Press is a family-owned and operated full-service printer located in New Haven, CT. The company's goal to be the greenest commercial printer in the United States led to the installation of an on-site wind turbine in February 2010 and to joining the Green Power Partnership in April 2010. Below, Brian Driscoll, President of Phoenix Press, discusses the company's green power efforts.

Q. Why did your organization decide to use green power? What do you see as the benefits of using green power?

Actually, if you go back to the very beginning, I connected with the beauty, practicality, and industrial achievement of the kinetic sculptures that are wind turbines. Apart from my personal interest however, as a business, we were strongly seeking ways to lower our utility costs. It took questioning our bottom line to really prompt us together, as an organization, to examine wind power as an alternative source of energy.

Solar was an option but because we have an old building, the cost to fix and reinforce the roof was cost prohibitive. Wind power was an excellent option for us for a few reasons. First, we had the space to install a 157-foot wind turbine directly on our property, which is located in a commercial/industrial area of New Haven. Second, we have an excellent wind resource, which became evident when we looked at several years' worth of wind data that had been collected some 100 feet from our property. And last, we had the full support and encouragement of the city of New Haven, which was incredible to have throughout the permitting, zoning, and eventual installation of the turbine.

Green power has played a significant part in our recent success, too. Clients love to come and see the turbine and feel good about the fact that we are doing our part to help them lower their carbon footprint.

Q. Do you have any upcoming green power projects that relate to your organization's green power usage?

Yes, we are proud to announce that we are actively seeking to place solar panels on our roof to continue towards a greener powered plant. With the help of a roofing contractor that specializes in repairing and reinforcing older roofs, and the advent of lighter-weight solar panels, we are exploring the possibility of installing a 117-kilowatt solar array on our roof. We have a 56,000 square foot roof area that can provide an abundance of solar power.

Q. What are two or three lessons you've learned in making the switch to green power or in increasing your green power use?

We have learned that green power gets attention, and for all the best reasons. We have gotten the attention of local schools, whose students visit our facility weekly to learn first-hand about green energy. We have gotten the attention of countless environmental clients who have taken notice of our environmental efforts. And most of all, we have gotten the attention of our community and the travelers who pass over the I-95 thoroughfare through New Haven harbor. The thousands who see our turbine are seeing that green power is a viable, renewable, living source of energy.

We have learned also that green power usage is a real way to save energy costs, which helps our company's bottom line. Over the past three years of having our turbine in operation, we have saved an annual 30 percent of our total energy costs. In the next two years, we will have paid off our initial investment and our energy savings will be all the more real to our bottom line.

Q. What advice would you give to other organizations interested in using green power?

Start somewhere. Do your research. Look at all of your utility costs and try to come up with a solution that will work for you. Don't try to do everything at once, as it can be unrealistic. Anything you do today will help you tomorrow. I was lucky to have found an advisor that I trusted completely and I advise people to look for a green energy consultant in your neck of the woods. Your efforts, visions, and footsteps will help businesses everywhere see a greener path ahead.

Read more about the green power efforts of Phoenix Press here.

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Welcome New Partners!

Nearly 50 organizations have joined the Green Power Partnership since December 13, 2013 (as of March 4, 2014). The GPP welcomes the organizations below.

Automotive: Spacetown Auto Body, Inc. (N.H.)
Banking & Financial Services: Computershare / Burr Ridge Operations (Ill.), Lake Sunapee Bank (N.H.)
Construction & Engineering Services: Tandus Centiva (Ga.)
Consulting Services: Captus Group LLC (Va.)
Education (Higher): Bryn Mawr College (Pa.), University of Missouri (Mo.)
Education (K-12): SAU #1, ConVal Schools (N.H.), SAU #47, Jaffrey – Rindge (N.H.), SAU #87 Mascenic Schools (N.H.)
Educational (Other): Kumon of Bryn Mawr (Pa.)
Food & Beverage: MOM Brands (Minn.), Moorenko's Ice Cream (Md.), Oakhurst Dairy / Waterville, ME Facility (Maine)
Government (Federal): Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Ga.)
Government (Local, Municipal): Town of Dublin (N.H.), Town of Francestown (N.H.), Town of Hancock (N.H.), Town of Jaffrey (N.H.), Town of Peterborough (N.H.), Town of Rindge (N.H.), Town of Swanzey (N.H.), Town of Temple (N.H.)
Hotels & Lodging: Narayan Hotel dba Comfort Inn (N.H.)
Industrial Goods & Services: Flue Gas Solutions (Maine), Cooper Products (N.H.), Spraying Systems / Hudson, NH (N.H.)
Insurance: Philadelphia Insurance Companies (Pa.)
Non-Profit (NGO): Monadnock Economic Development Corp (N.H.), Vesta, Inc. (Md.)
Other: Royal T Car Wash (N.H.)
Printing & Packaging: Trojan Lithograph Corporation (Wash.)
Real Estate: 7611-7615 Richenbacker (Md.), Aubcor LLC (D.C.)
Recreation: Grantham Indoor (N.H.)
Restaurants & Cafes: The Bagel Mill (N.H.), La Carreta Mexican Restaurant (N.H.), Purple Finch Café (N.H.)
Retail: Achille Agway (N.H.), Design Contemporaries, Inc. (N.H.), Herban Lifestyle (Va.), The Modest Florist (Md.), Mountain Corp (N.H.), Saigon Asian Market (N.H.)
Shipping: Logistics Team (Calif.)
Technology & Telecom: Benchmark Electronics, Inc. / Londonderry Operations (N.H.), GN Netcom / Nashua Operations (N.H.), Noyes Fiber Systems, LLC (N.H.), Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P./Penske Logistics, LLC (Pa.)

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Reminder: Green Power Leadership Awards Application Period Now Open

Greenpower Leadership Awards logo

The application period for this year's Green Power Leadership Awards is open! The Awards recognize organizations, communities, programs, and suppliers that make significant impacts and help to advance green power market development.

EPA's Partner Awards (formerly Purchaser Awards) recognize leading Green Power Partners and Communities that have helped further the green power market through their green power purchase or use of on-site renewable energy applications, overall green power strategy, and impact on the green power market. EPA's Supplier Award highlights the accomplishments of green power suppliers (utilities, retail suppliers, REC marketers, and renewable energy project developers) that are leaders in the voluntary renewable energy market.

Visit the Awards section of the Partnership's website for more information about the awards, including Partner and Supplier Awards categories. The application period will close on April 7, 2014.

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Long-term Green Power Procurements from Wind Projects

Thursday, March 13, 2014
1:00-2:00 pm (EST)
Register for this webinar

On Thursday, March 13, 2014, from 1:00 - 2:00 pm (EST), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership (GPP) will host a webinar entitled "Long-term Green Power Procurements from Wind Projects."

In today's green power market, many forward-thinking organizations are looking to long-term procurements from wind power projects to meet their renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals. Large companies and corporations, as well as governments and institutes of higher education, are interested in working with utilities and green power suppliers to meet their electricity needs, reduce their carbon footprints, hedge against future electricity price increases, and support the development of new clean energy resources in the U.S. Long-term commitments also help to guarantee a renewable energy project's financial viability.

This webinar will examine various procurement options, the steps involved in making a long-term commitment, challenges, and other considerations. We'll also hear from Renewable Choice Energy, a renewable energy provider, on what's involved in making long-term procurements a reality.

Speakers will include:

  • Blaine Collison, Program Director, U.S. EPA's Green Power Partnership
  • Amy Hargroves, Director, Corporate Responsibility, Sprint
  • Erin Decker, Sustainability Manager, Salesforce.com
  • Quayle Hodek, Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Choice Energy

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GPP to Participate in Webinar on "Greening the Grid Through Municipal Aggregation"

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
1:00-2:00 pm (EST)
Hosted by World Wildlife Fund and Environmental Law and Policy Center
Register for this webinar

On Tuesday, March 11, 2014 from 1:00-2:00 pm (EST), World Wildlife Fund and the Environmental Law and Policy Center will host a webinar entitled "Greening the Grid Through Municipal Aggregation."

Cities in six states (CA, IL, OH, NJ, MA, and RI) have harnessed a little known local energy model called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA; also known as municipal aggregation) to switch to clean power and save their ratepayers millions of dollars. CCA works by empowering local communities to pool the electric purchasing power of their residents and small businesses. This enables municipalities to choose an electricity supplier that fits their needs and aspirations, directs the content of their power supply, and drives down electricity rates by buying energy in bulk. Cities no longer need to own and operate a municipal utility to procure renewable energy.

Participants will learn about:

  1. How Community Choice Aggregation works for residential electricity loads
  2. Illinois communities: how are they aggregating and what is the impact
  3. Best practices for procuring renewable energy via aggregation
  4. Gaining recognition for aggregation through the U.S. EPA's Green Power Partnership program

Speakers will include:

  • Keya Chatterjee, Senior Director Renewable Energy and Footprint Outreach, WWF
  • Sarah Wochos, Senior Policy Advocate & Director of Research, ELPC
  • Blaine Collison, Program Director, U.S. EPA's Green Power Partnership

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GPP By the Numbers

Photo of Green Power Leadership Award
Photo of Green Power Leadership Award

Since 2001, the Green Power Partnership has awarded a total of 235 Green Power Leadership Awards to its Green Power Partners and to green power suppliers. To learn more about the Awards and read about previous winners, visit http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/awards/pastwinners.htm

Tweet this fact:

Since 2001 @EPA has awarded 235 Green Power Leadership Awards. Apply now to become a 2014 Award recipient! http://1.usa.gov/1gdhZIi

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Reminder: Top Partner Rankings Data Deadline March 25

The next Top Partner Rankings update is scheduled for April 21. If your organization's green power use has recently changed, please submit any updates to your account manager no later than COB Tuesday, March 25 in order for the updated data to be reflected in the Top Partner Rankings update. If your organization's green power use has not changed, there is no need to submit an update. Visit the Top Partner Rankings section of the GPP website to see the current rankings as of January 27.

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EPA Recognizes Green Power Partners with Climate Leadership Awards

Climate Leadership Awards

On February 25, EPA's Center for Corporate Climate Leadership, along with its three NGO co-sponsors (Association of Climate Change Officers, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, and The Climate Registry) announced the third annual Climate Leadership Award winners, recognizing organizations for their leadership in addressing climate change by reducing carbon pollution. Of the fifteen organizations that received awards, three organization-wide Green Power Partners were recognized:

  • Sprint received the Organizational Leadership Award and Supply Chain Leadership Award
  • Cisco Systems, Inc. received the Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management Goal Achievement Award
  • Kohl's Department Stores received the Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management Goal Setting Certificate and the Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management Goal Achievement Award

EPA also recognized IBM, the Boeing Company, and Johnson Controls, all facility-level partners with GPP, with Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management Goal Achievement Awards.

Read EPA's Climate Leadership Awards press release to learn more about the Climate Leadership Awards and view a full list of Award recipients.

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EPA Updates eGRID With Year 2010 Data

Egrid The Emissions & Generation Integrated Resource Database (eGRID) is a comprehensive source of data on the environmental characteristics of virtually all electric power generated in the United States.  EPA recently released a new edition of eGRID with year 2010 data, providing emissions and emission rates data for nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Data are presented at the boiler, generator, and plant levels and aggregated data are available by state, power control area, eGRID subregion, NERC region, and nationwide.  Grid gross loss factors are also provided.

A Technical Support Document details changes from the previous edition, including all methodologies and sources of data.  The new edition of eGRID also includes summary tables, eGRID subregion greenhouse gas output emission rates, representational maps of NERC regions and eGRID subregions, and release notes.

Visit www.epa.gov/egrid to learn more.

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New Maps from UC Berkeley's CoolClimate Network

Earlier this year the CoolClimate Network, a division of the University of California Berkeley's Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL), released several new, interactive carbon footprint maps. The three different maps show 1) Annual Household Carbon Footprint; 2) Average Household Energy Carbon Footprint; and 3) Average Vehicle Miles Traveled in any given zip code. Users can zoom in to or hover over a particular zip code to view averages and see details. Access the maps and learn more on the CoolClimate Network website.

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