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Green Power Planet #27
December 16, 2009

In this edition of the Green Power Planet:

  • Welcome New Partners!
  • GPP Recognizes Top 20 K-12 Schools
    • January 2010 Top List Data Deadlines
  • GPP: A Year in Review
  • GPP to Host Webinar on Aggregate Purchasing
  • GPP and the Association of Climate Change Officers Co-Host Webinar
  • GPP Updates Green Power Partner Listings: Third-Party Certification & Provider Listing
  • GPP and Top Partners Featured in Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production
  • Call for Nominations—U.S. EPA Climate Protection Award Deadline: March 31st
  • Insights into the Voluntary Renewable Energy Market
  • Climate Leaders to Launch Program for Small Businesses
  • Want More GPP News?

Welcome New Partners!

Welcome to the following 73 organizations that have recently joined (as of December 4, 2009) the Green Power Partnership (GPP).

Agriculture and Natural Resources: West Linn Paper (Ore.)

Architecture Services: FXFOWLE Architects, LLC (N.Y.)

Automotive: Battley Cycles (Md.)

Banking & Financial Services: Windham Professionals Inc (N.H.)

Construction & Engineering Services: Arista Air Conditioning Corp. (N.Y.), Gateway Property Solutions (Mo.), New Energy Works (N.Y.), Reliable Heating & Cooling (Mo.), The Daytner Corporation (Md.)

Consumer Products: Green Field Paper Company (Calif.)

Education (Higher): Centre College (Ky.), Clemson University / Women's Rowing Facility (S.C.), Gallaudet University (D.C.), Saint Peter's College (N.J.)

Education (K-12): Bullis School (Md.), Ensworth School (Tenn.), Grace Church School (N.Y.), Green Acres School (Md.), High Tech High (Calif.), Kent Place School (N.J.), Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School (Wis.), Lake Travis Independent School District (Texas), Pflugerville Independent School District (Texas), Pine Crest Preparatory School / Boca Raton Campus Building (Fla.), Sheridan School (D.C.), Sidwell Friends School (D.C.), The Athenian School (Calif.), William E. Miller School (Ore.)

Food and Beverage: Endangered Species Chocolate (Ind.), Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Co. (Mo.), Performance Foodservice / North Center (Maine), The Flavor Tree Fruit Co. (Calif.)

Government(Local, Municipal): City of Tulare / Wastewater Treatment Plant (Calif.), Dekalb County (Ga.), Town of Glastonbury (Conn.), Universal City (Texas)

Government (State): State of New Hampshire

Green Power Community: Durango (Colo.), Lake Oswego (Ore.), Universal City (Texas)

Health Care: Catholic Health, Buffalo (N.Y.), Frederick Veterinary Center (Md.), Norbeck Animal Clinic (Md.)

Industrial Goods and Services: RJS Tool and Gage (Mich.), Siemens Industry, Inc. / Building Technologies Division (Ill.)

Information Technology: Codero (Kan.), Endurance International Group (Mass.), Green Geeks, LLC (Calif.), Other World Computing (Ill.), Squarespace, Inc. (N.Y.), Workday (Calif.)

Marketing, Advertising, & Public Relations: Small Wonders (Md.)

Non-Profit: Park Potomac Place Homeowners Association (Md.)

Other: Madame Paulette (N.Y.), Oasis Hair & Tanning, Inc. (Md.)

Printing: Cantrell Cutter Printer, Inc. (Md.), Great Atlantic Graphics, Inc. (Pa.), Linemark Printing, Inc. (Md.), McCallum Print Group / DCG West (Wash.)

Real Estate: Griffis Group (Colo.), Kennedy Associates (Wash.), Urciolo Properties, LLC (Md.)

Religious: First Baptist Church of Ken-Gar (Md.)

Restaurants and Food Services: Dottie's Ice Cream Parlor (Mo.), Larkburger (Colo.), Le Colonial Restaurant (N.Y.), Nava Thai Restaurant (Md.), Orsay Restaurant (N.Y.), Simply Thyme Catering (Wash.)

Retail: Carol House Furniture (Mo.), Park Florist (Md.), The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques, Inc. (D.C.)

Travel and Leisure: Seaport Hotel (Mass.), The Breakers Palm Beach, Inc. (Fla.)

GPP Recognizes Top 20 K-12 Schools
Top 30 K-12 Schools icon. In October, GPP announced a new Top Partner List recognizing the top twenty green power purchases among primary and secondary schools and school districts. The addition of the new list brings the total number of Top Partner Lists to ten.

The Top 20 K-12 Schools list features schools from nine different states and the District of Columbia. Maryland and New York were the states with the most schools represented, with four schools from each state in the top 20.

The top five Partners from the K-12 Schools list include Austin Independent School District (Texas), Round Rock Independent School District (Texas), Rochester City School District (N.Y.), Bullis School (Md.), and The Dalton School (N.Y.).

The complete Top 20 K-12 Schools list is available at http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/toplists/top30k-12schools.htm. To review each of the October 2009 Top Partner lists, visit www.epa.gov/greenpower/toplists/index.htm.

Reminder: January Top Partner List Updates
The next update of the Top Partner Lists is on January 25, 2010. Please remember to submit your updated green power purchase information to GPP by January 5 in order to have your organization reflected in the January update!

GPP: A Year in Review
The Green Power Partnership had another year of strong growth despite the economic recession. As of December 8, 2009, the Partnership has added more than 300 new Partners (see Figure 1) and currently totals more than 1,200 Partners. Partners are from a wide range of industries and located in 49 states plus the District of Columbia. So far in 2009, new Partners have procured nearly 1.6 billion kilowatt-hours, which is equivalent to the CO2 emissions from the electricity use of more than 1.7 million average American homes for one year. Total Partner green power use is 6 percent greater than at year-end 2008 and 52 percent more than at year-end 2007 (see Figure 2). The majority of Partners' green power usage is being supplied by renewable energy certificates (RECs), followed by green pricing products, green power marketing products, and on-site generation (see Figure 3).

Figure 1.
Number of New Partners by Year
Figure 2.
Green Power Use (kWh)
Figure 3.
Green Power Product Mix 2009
Figure 1. Number of new partners per year. 2005: 106; 2006: 164; 2007: 249; 2008: 290; 2009: 304. Figure 2. Green Power Use (kWh). 2005: 4.1; 2006: 6.9; 2007: 11.6; 2008: 16.6; 2009: 17.6. Figure 3. Green Power Product Mix 2009. 75% RECs, 19% Utility-Supplied Green Power; 5% On-site Generation.

GPP to Host Webinar on Aggregate Purchasing
On Thursday, January 28, from 1 - 2 p.m. (Eastern), GPP will host a Webinar on aggregating demand for green power. By combining power purchases, buying groups are able to purchase electricity and green power at reduced rates by lowering transaction costs and leveraging their purchasing power. Aggregations can take several forms, such as pooling purchases with other local governments and/or businesses or through a community choice model.

During this Webinar, participants will learn:

  • The steps necessary to form a successful purchasing group
  • The ideal characteristics of a successful aggregator
  • The benefits of purchasing aggregations
  • Strategies for incorporating green power into group's purchase
  • Potential hurdles and roadblocks

Presenters will be:
  Blaine Collison, U.S. EPA
  James Sloss, Western Pennsylvania Energy Consortium
  Steven Rumpler, Boston Buying Power Exit EPA Disclaimer

Register for the Webinar at https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/869620779. Exit EPA Disclaimer

GPP and the Association of Climate Change Officers Co-host Webinar
On October 15, GPP and the Association of Climate Change Officers hosted a Webinar featuring organizations and municipalities that are using green power and the Green Power Partnership as key components of their climate change strategy. The Webinar featured presenters from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, ING, and the cities of Grand Rapids and Boston. The presenters discussed key strategies for incorporating renewable energy into climate action plans, why clean energy is a powerful tool for organizations trying to reduce their carbon footprint, and how leading organizations are using the climate challenge to support clean power. For more information on the Webinar including electronic copies of the presentations and a recording, visit: http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/events/oct15_webinar.htm.

To find information on past and future Green Power Partnership Webinars, visit http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/events/index.htm.

GPP Updates Green Power Partner Listings: Third-Party Certification & Provider Listing

While GPP does not require Green Power Partners to purchase certified products, GPP strongly encourages organizations to purchase green power products that are certified by an independent third party as a matter of best practice. Certification helps ensure the quality of green power products, and also helps build consumer confidence in the marketplace. For more information about certification, visit http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/buygp/certified.htm

In addition, in October GPP updated its Top Lists to present the green power providers of respective Partners in descending rank order by the amount of green power the provider supplied the Partner, rather than in alphabetical order.

Cogeneration On-Site Power cover. GPP and Top Partners Featured in Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production
Cogeneration & On-Site Power Productionmagazine (COSPP). COSPP's editors solicited the article in response to heavy interest in GPP's new Top 20 On-site Generation list. The article provides a background on GPP, resources for on-site generation, and highlights certain top Green Power Partners that have successfully developed on-site generation projects. COSPP is published bi-monthly and boasts a circulation of over 170,000 copies, with over half of its readership residing in the United States. The article will be published in hard copy and will also appear on the magazine's Web site at www.powergenworldwide.com. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Call for Nominations—U.S. EPA Climate Protection Award Deadline: March 31st
EPA invites nominations for the Climate Protection Awards. This award program was established in 1998 to recognize exceptional leadership, outstanding innovation, personal dedication, and technical achievements to protect the Earth's climate. So far, more than one hundred and fifty awards have been presented to outstanding individuals, dedicated companies, forward-thinking organizations and government institutions from many countries.

Green Power Partners are encouraged to self-nominate and green power providers can nominate clients. Nominations are due March 31, 2010. Winners will be announced at the annual Climate Protection Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C. The ceremony will take place in the fall. For further information, visit: www.epa.gov/cppd/climateawards or contact Kristen Taddonio at (202) 343-9234 or by e-mail at Taddonio.Kristen@epa.gov.

CRS cover. Insights into the Voluntary Renewable Energy Market
In September, the Center for Resource Solutions published Insights into the Renewable Energy Market: A Brief Overview of Procurement Trends, Drivers, and Impacts of Voluntary Commercial Purchasers.

The report documents the increase in renewable energy purchases made by commercial customers and offers analysis of procurement trends, market drivers, and impacts. Read the report (PDF) (20 pp, 2.8MB, About PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer on CRS's Web site to learn more.

Climate Leaders to Launch Program for SmallBusinesses

Climate Leaders will host a Webinar on Dec. 18 about the new Climate Leaders Small Business Network and other new resources for small businesses. To register for the Webinar, visit https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/875499403. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Want More GPP News?
GPP offers additional Partnership and green power news through its Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed. The GPP RSS feed will send automatically updated information to subscribers' desktops or favorite feed readers like My Yahoo or iGoogle. Subscribe now! RSS feed

Contacting EPA's Green Power Partnership

Please feel free to contact the Green Power Partnership:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The Green Power Partnership
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Web site: www.epa.gov/greenpower

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