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Green Power Planet #25
June 16, 2009

In this edition of the Green Power Planet :

  • Welcome New Green Power Partners!
  • Green Power Partnership Launches New Top Partner Lists
  • GPP to Host Webinar on Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPAs)
  • 2009 Communications Opportunities for Partners
  • New Partners and Purchases Featured on April Top Partner Rankings
  • GPP and Top Partners Featured in Scientific American 3.0
  • GPP Recognizes Penn and Other College and University Champions
    • Learn More about Penn's Sustainability Efforts
  • Learn About Green Power While On the Go!
  • What's New - GPP's new RSS Feed
  • GPP Hosts Webinar on On-site Use of Biomass and Biogas
  • Climate Leaders and GPP Host Webinar on On-site Wind and Solar
  • GPP Begins More Detailed Tracking of Green Power Purchases
  • Make More Efficient Use of Your Green Power with ENERGY STAR
  • Upcoming Events

Welcome New Partners!

Welcome to the following 92 organizations that have recently joined (as of June 11, 2009) the Green Power Partnership (GPP).

Agriculture & Natural Resources: Appleton Coated (Wisc.), Environmental Soil Management of New York (N.Y.)

Architecture Services: Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture (Colo.), HDR, Inc. (Neb.), MRB Group (N.Y.)

Automotive: B & J Body Shop (Calif.)

Banking & Financial Services, Insurance: Alpine Bank (Colo.), Deutsche Bank AG (N.Y.), RBS Americas (Conn.), The Bank of New York Mellon (N.Y.)

Construction & Engineering Services: Gilday Company Inc (Md.), Landis Construction Corporation (D.C.), Nabholz Construction (Ark.), Parsons Brinckerhoff (N.Y.), R3 Builders, Inc. (Calif.)

Consulting Services: First Environment, Inc. (D.C.), McKinsey & Company / Palo Alto Office (Calif.)

Consumer Products: Mosaic Tile Company (Va.), Tile By Design (Minn.), Tom's of Maine (Maine)

Education (Higher): Middle Tennessee State University (Tenn.), Middlebury College (Vt.)

Education (K-12): Norwood School (Md.), Sayreville Center for Lifelong Learning (N.J.)

Educational (other): Glenstone (Md.), Goddard Schools / Apex (N.C.), Goddard Schools / Ashburn 1 (Va.), Goddard Schools / Centennial (Colo.), Goddard Schools / Clackamas (Ore.), Goddard Schools / Columbia (Md.), Goddard Schools / Denville (N.J.), Goddard Schools / Flemington (N.J.), Goddard Schools / Third Lake (Ill.), Goddard Schools / Vancouver (Wash.), Goddard Schools / Wall (N.J.)

Food & Beverage: American Licorice Company / Corporate Headquarters (Ore.), Hague Quality Water of Maryland (Md.), Mendocino Wine Company (Calif.), The Dannon Company, Inc. (Ariz.), Xaka, Inc d/b/a The French Confection (Md.)

Government (Local, Municipal): City of Klamath Falls (Ore.), Town of Chevy Chase (Md.), Western Pennsylvania Energy Consortium (Penn.)

Green Power Community: Hood River (Ore.)

Health Care: DaVita Inc. / Central Business Offices (Calif.), Glens Falls Hospital (N.Y.)

Industrial Goods & Services: Clover Technologies (Ill.), Frost (Mo.), Hanover Packaging (Pa.), US Digital (Wash.)

Information Technology: ANALYSYS Enterprises, Inc. (Md.), BurstNET Technologies, Inc. (Pa.), EnCrisp, LLC (Va.), GeoVario, LLC (Texas), Hewlett-Packard / Idaho Facilities, Hewlett-Packard / Oregon Facilities, Hewlett-Packard / Washington Facilities

Legal Services: Patton Boggs LLP (D.C.), Sutherland Asbill & Brennan (Ga.)

Marketing, Advertising, & Public Relations: Logos Creative Communications, LLC (N.Y.)

Media & Publishing: Odyssey Press (N.H.)

Non-profit: American Pharmacists Association (D.C.), American Whitewater (N.C.), Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven (Conn.), Operation Carbon (Tenn.), The Kresge Foundation (Mich.)

Other: Interior Solutions Masterworks, Inc. (Md.)

Outdoor Equipment: BCI Burke (Wis.)

Printing: B&B Print Source (Ore.), Boxcar Press, Inc. (N.Y.), Communicate by Design (Va.), EPS Printing Solutions (Md.), Gray Graphics Corporation (Md.), H&M Speedy Signs (Md.), House of Printing, Inc. (Md.), ParaVista, Inc. (N.J.), Quality Printing Company (Ind.), SmithBates Printing & Design (Ore.)

Real Estate: Franklin Center (D.C.), Rodney Company N.V., Inc. (N.Y.), SPIRE Denver (Colo.)

Restaurants and Food Services: Foundation Grounds (Mo.)

Retail: Logan Hardware (D.C.), Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. / California and Texas Facilities, Wish Shoes & Accessories LLC (Mo.)

Telecommunications: Motorola, Inc. (Ill.)

Travel and Leisure: Doubletree Westport / St. Louis (Mo.), Hilton Hotels Corporation (Calif.), Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center (Wis.), Proprio LP t/a Savoy Suites Hotel (D.C.), Southwest Airlines Co. / Dallas & Houston Operations (Texas), Trentuno LP t/a Carlyle Suites Hotel (D.C)

Green Power Partnership Launches New Top Partner Lists

Over the next six months, GPP will be adding three new Top Partner lists comparing the annual green power purchases of leading organizations. In July, GPP will release a list ranking the purchases of commercial printing companies, an industry whose participation in GPP has been growing faster than any other sector. Also in July, GPP will debut a top 20 On-Site Users list which will rank Partners by the amount of kilowatt-hours used that comes from on-site green power generation. In October, GPP will launch another list highlighting the top purchasers among K-12 schools.

The release dates of the new lists are as follows:

  • Top 20 Printers - July 27, data deadline July 7
  • Top 20 On-site Users - July 27, data deadline July 7
  • Top 20 K-12 Schools - October 26, data deadline October 6

The new lists will be available in GPP's Top Partner Rankings section of the Web site.

GPP to Host Webinar on Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPAs)

On July 28 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EDT, the Partnership will host a Webinar on Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPAs). Participants will learn how SPPAs work, and will hear details from both the provider and user perspectives. This Webinar will feature presenters from Sun Edison and Staples. To register for this Webinar, visit https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/467755970. Exit EPA Disclaimer

2009 Communications Opportunities for Partners

Image of report cover

It's not too late for Green Power Partners to be part of the first co-branded Climate Leaders/Green Power Partnership advertising supplements being developed in 2009 by National Geographic, Environmental Leader.com, and ClimateBiz.com.

National Geographic's commitment date is July 3, 2009. Deadlines for Environmental Leader.com and ClimateBiz.com are floating, but interested Partners should contact these outlets directly. Contact information is provided at www.epa.gov/climateleaders/documents/events/comms_webinar.pdf (PDF) (8 pp, 1.3MB, About PDF), along with additional information about specific issue dates, and pricing for each media outlet. In addition, similar past advertising supplements can be viewed at www.epa.gov/climateleaders/partner-recognition/ad-supplements.html.

New Partners and Purchases Featured on April Top Partner Rankings

On April 27, the Green Power Partnership updated its seven Top Partner Rankings. Intel retained the top spot on the National Top 50 and Fortune 500 lists, which it has held for more than a year. Since the January update, Kohl's Department Stores more than doubled its green power purchase and jumped to No. 3 on the National Top 50 list and the Fortune 500 Challenge list, as well as No. 1 on the Top 20 Retail list.

Notable new additions to the National Top 50 list include Wal-Mart Stores / California and Texas Facilities at No. 15, The Dannon Company at No. 33, Sony DADC at No. 40, and Motorola at No. 44. Wal-Mart also ranks No. 3 on the Top 20 Retail list and No. 9 on the Fortune 500 Challenge list; Motorola ranks No. 18 on the Fortune 500 list. Half Price Books / Texas Facilities made its first appearance on the Top 20 Retail list, where it ranks No. 18.

A number of media outlets featured stories about the updated Top Partner Rankings, and many Partners issued press releases about placement on the lists. Additionally, Sony DADC's placement on the list was featured in a news broadcast and Motorola developed a video Exit EPA Disclaimer highlighting the company's first appearance on the National Top 50 list.

The next update of the Top Partner Lists will be on July 27. The deadline for Partner purchase updates to be included on the list is July 7.

GPP and Top Partners Featured in Scientific American 3.0

Want to read more about the Partnership and some of its Top Partners? Take a look at this month's issue of Scientific American 3.0. In the June issue, you'll find an article featuring GPP's Top 25 green power purchasers from April, including details about each purchase. You can read the article Exit EPA Disclaimer on Scientific American's Web site.

GPP Recognizes Penn and Other College and University Champions

college and university green power challenge

The results of the 2008-2009 College & University Challenge are in, and for the third year in a row, the Ivy League is the overall champion conference. Once again, the University of Pennsylvania led the Ivy League with its annual purchase of more than 192 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power. Penn's purchase is equivalent to avoiding the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of more than 25,000 passenger vehicles per year. The 2008-2009 challenge included 44 competing institutions representing 22 different conferences nationwide, with a cumulative annual green power purchase of more than 1 billion kWh.

Since the spring of 2007, GPP has ranked collegiate athletic conferences by the total amount of green power purchased by their member schools. To be eligible, each school in the conference had to qualify as a Green Power Partner and each conference had to collectively purchase at least 10 million kWh of green power.

Schools interested in taking part in the 2009-2010 Challenge are encouraged to make a new purchase or increase an existing purchase to qualify for the challenge. For more information, please visit the Challenge Home Page, or contact Blaine Collison (collison.blaine@epa.gov, 202-343-9139).

Learn More about Penn's Sustainability Efforts

You can read more about what the University of Pennsylvania is doing in EPA's Greenversations blog. Guest blogger Daniel Garofolo, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator and a Senior Facilities Planner at the University of Pennsylvania, writes about winning GPP's College and University Challenge as well as the school's Climate Action Plan.

Photo of Blaine Collison

Learn About Green Power While On the Go!

Check out Blaine Collison, GPP's Program Director, discussing the program and how you can reduce the environmental impact of your electricity use by buying green power on EPA's environmental podcast, Green Scene.

What's New—GPP's New RSS Feed

As part of GPP's commitment to provide Partners with timely and relevant information about green power and partnership news, GPP recently launched a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed. The Green Power RSS feed will send automatically updated information to subscribers' desktops or favorite feed readers like My Yahoo or iGoogle. Subscribe now! RSS feed

GPP Hosts Webinar on On-site Use of Biomass and Biogas

On May 19 GPP hosted a Webinar on the On-Site Use of Biomass and Biogas. Blaine Collison of GPP began the Webinar with an introduction of on-site biomass and biogas, followed by three speakers who presented case studies of their organizations' projects. Jack Byrne of Middlebury College discussed the school's new biomass gasification boiler, which is fueled by locally-harvested wood chips. Ferman Milster presented on the University of Iowa's conversion of a coal boiler to co-fire biomass. Paul Chamberlin of the University of New Hampshire spoke about the campus's landfill gas-to-energy project, which produces both heat and electricity. The Webinar concluded with a Question & Answer session in which the presenters shared details of the challenges faced and lessons learned in completing their on-site projects.

Presentations from this Webinar are posted at /www.epa.gov/greenpower/events/may19_webinar.htm. Information on future Webinars hosted by the Green Power Partnership will be available at www.epa.gov/greenpower/events/index.htm. If you have questions or comments regarding GPP Webinars, please email epawebinars@erg.com.

Climate Leaders and GPP Host Webinar on On-site Wind and Solar

On June 3, EPA's Climate Leaders and Green Power Partnership programs co-hosted a Webinar on opportunities for implementing on-site wind and solar energy to reduce an organization's greenhouse gas emissions.

Blaine Collison of GPP discussed the advantages and challenges of on-site renewables as well as financing options such as power purchase agreements. Sharon Im-Lee of REI presented a case study of the company's on-site solar photovoltaic arrays, detailing the steps in building a business case for investing in solar. Jed Richardson of Johnson & Johnson gave an overview of the company's solar installations and the reasons why it pursued each project.

Presentations from this Webinar are posted on the GPP Web site at www.epa.gov/greenpower/events/june3_webinar.htm.

GPP Begins More Detailed Tracking of Green Power Purchases

Earlier in 2009, the Green Power Partnership transitioned to a new database that is able to track Partners' green power purchases in greater detail. The new database allows GPP to better analyze and report on trends in the green power market.

In conjunction with the new database, GPP has updated its annual Yearly Report form to facilitate more detailed reporting. As in the past, Partners will be sent a pre-populated form to edit and return to GPP. With the new form, Partners purchasing multiple green power products, or purchasing green power and generating it on-site, will be required to report on each individual purchase or on-site system.

Account managers will be contacting any Partners that need to provide more detailed purchase information. If you have any questions about the new Yearly Report form or wish to update the Partnership about a change in your green power use, please contact your account manager or Blaine Collison (collison.blaine@epa.gov).

Make More Efficient Use of Your Green Power with ENERGY STAR

As a green power purchaser, you're already reducing the carbon footprint of your organization's buildings and plants. But did you know that, on average, 30 percent of the energy consumed by buildings is wasted through inefficiencies? ENERGY STAR's Commercial & Industrial program, a sister program to the Green Power Partnership, helps thousands of organizations reduce the energy use of their buildings and plants and boost their bottom line. Using EPA's energy tracking tool, Portfolio Manager, building owners and managers can learn how much energy they are using, see how their energy performance compares against their peers, track changes in their energy use over time, track greenhouse gas emissions, and apply for the ENERGY STAR once they reach a top level of performance. Your organization is already leading the way by purchasing green power; why not also take steps to make your buildings more energy efficient? To learn how you can earn the ENERGY STAR for your building, visit www.energystar.gov/buildings.

Upcoming Events

GovEnergy 2009, Exit EPA Disclaimer August 9-12, Providence, Rhode Island

GovEnergy 2009 is an energy workshop and tradeshow for federal agencies. The event will provide insight on reducing Federal agency energy usage and cost, as mandated by the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Executive Order 13423, EISA 2007, and additional Federal guidance.

Renewable Energy Markets, September 13 - 16, Atlanta, Georgia

Renewable Energy Markets (formerly the National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference) has been the industry's paramount annual gathering attended by leading renewable energy and green power industry stakeholders. Each year the most influential key players, including power marketers, renewable energy developers, retail and wholesale green power suppliers, electric utilities, equipment manufacturers, government agencies, energy consultants and nonprofit experts gather to listen to their peers present on the major issues facing the industry. This year's conference promises to be our largest yet.

Green Power Leadership Awards, September 14, Atlanta, Georgia

GPP's Green Power Leadership Awards will be presented on September 14, 2009, in conjunction with the Renewable Energy Markets Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, to recognize exceptional achievement among EPA Green Power Partners. GPP recognizes eligible Partner organizations in the following three award categories:

  • Green Power Partner of the Year: Recognizes Partners who distinguish themselves through their purchase, leadership, overall strategy, and impact on the green power market.
  • On-site Generation: Recognizes Partners who distinguish themselves using on-site renewable energy applications, including, but not limited to, solar photovoltaic (PV) or wind energy projects.
  • Green Power Purchase: Recognizes Partners who distinguish themselves through purchases of green power from a utility green-pricing program, a competitive green marketer, or a renewable energy certificate (REC) supplier.

Visit the Partnership's Web site to learn more about the awards or the Conference.

Greening of the Campus VIII: Embracing Change, Exit EPA Disclaimer September 20 - 23, Indianapolis, Indiana

Greening of the Campus VIII is an interdisciplinary conference that allows people representing diverse areas in university communities to share information on environmental issues. These areas range from the practical day-to-day management of the physical plant to "green" curriculum development and "green" utilization of campus resources.

To arrange to meet with GPP representatives at any of these conferences, please contact Blaine Collison (collison.blaine@epa.gov) or 202-343-9139.

Contacting EPA's Green Power Partnership

Please feel free to contact the Green Power Partnership:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The Green Power Partnership
Fax: 202-343-2208
Web site: www.epa.gov/greenpower

Recruiting & Green Power Communities - Blaine Collison (collison.blaine@epa.gov or 202-343-9139)
Marketing & Outreach - Allison Dennis (dennis.allison@epa.gov or 202-343-9526)
Partnership Administration & PolicyMatt Clouse (clouse.matt@epa.gov or 202-343-9004)

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