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Green Power Planet #21
June 26, 2008

In this edition of the Green Power Planet:

  • Welcome New Green Power Partners
  • Green Power Leadership Awards Nomination Period Closes Friday, June 27
    • Register to Attend the National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference
  • EPA Recognizes UPenn and Other College and University Champions
  • Fortune 500 Challenge Continues
  • Eligibility Change for Texas RECs from Non-Wind Facilities
  • Green Power Partnership Clarifies Partnership Requirements
  • Partner Highlight: GreenEnergyTV.com
  • Green Power Communities Sign Use and Reproduction Guidelines
  • Sector Spotlight: EPA Helps Municipal Governments Go Green


  • Top Partner Lists to be Updated in July
  • Please Submit Your Partner Profile!

Upcoming Events:

  • National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference
  • New Jersey Clean Energy Conference, "Investing in a CleanTech Economy"
  • GovEnergy

Welcome New Green Power Partners

Welcome to the following 100 organizations that recently joined (as of June 23, 2008) the Green Power Partnership.

Ag. & Natural Resources: Clean Air Lawn Care (Colo.), TerraTherm, Inc. (Mass.)

Automotive: Keeler Motor Car Company (N.Y.)

Banking & Financial Services, Insurance: American Express/South Florida Facilities (Fla.)

Chemical:  Delbia Do Fragrances (N.Y.)

Construction & Engineering Services:  Bovis Lend Lease / Chicago (Ill.), Green Mountain Engineering, LLC (Calif.), LJ Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. (Calif.), Paul Davis Restoration of the Inland Empire (Calif.), Rocky Mountain Hardware (Idaho), STW Resources, Inc. (Texas)

Consulting Services:  BL3 Strategies (Wisc.), Meridian Associates, Inc. (Mass.),   
Raba-Kistner Consultants, Inc. / Headquarters (Texas)

Consumer Products: Bath Junkie (Ark.), Bumble and Bumble (N.Y.), Cascades Tissue Group (N.Y.), Colad Group, LLC (N.Y.), General Converting, Inc. (Ill.), ICB, LLC – Samson Carts/CrateXpress (Ill.)

Education (Higher):  Southern Oregon University (Ore.), The Sage Colleges (N.Y.)

Education (K-12):  Greenwich Academy (Conn.), The Collegiate School (N.Y.) 

Energy Services:  DNV Global Energy Concepts Inc. (Wash.)

Food & Beverage:  Zumbiel Packaging (Ky.)

Government (Local and Municipal): City of Albuquerque (N.M.), City of Grand Rapids (Mich.), City of Helotes (Texas), City of Orlando / Fire Station 15 (Fla.), City of Plattsburg (Mo.), Eagle County (Colo.), Town of Breckenridge (Colo.)

Government (State): Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Green Power Communities: Bend (Ore.), City of Gresham (Ore.), Santa Clara (Calif.)

Health Care: Carmichael Lynch/Minneapolis Office (Minn.), Grossman Marketing Group (Mass.)

Industrial Goods & Services: Lockheed Martin Aeronautics / JSF Substation (Texas), Lockheed Martin Aeronautics / Montgomery Offices (Texas), Owens Corning Foam Insulation, LLC (Ohio), Racine Industries, Inc. (Wisc.)

Information Technology:  CDW / Wisconsin Data Centers (Wisc.), Hosting.com Inc. (Kentucky), IBM Corporation / Foster City, CA Facilities (Calif.), Quavu Web Design (N.Y.)

Legal Services: Frederikson & Byron, P.A. (Minn.), Horack Talley (N.C.), Morrison & Foerster LLP (Calif.), Nixon Peabody LLP (Mass.), Wilson Sonsoni Goodrich & Rosati (Calif.)

Media, Print & Publishing: AC Label, LLC (Utah),  Citadel Broadcasting (Nv.), Fowler Printing & Graphics (Mass.), Goetz Printing Company (Va.), GreenEnergyTV.com (Ohio), KNTV Television Inc. NBC 11 (Calif.), LB Graph-x and Printing Inc. (N.Y.), New Hope Natural Media (Colo.), Quartier Printing (N.Y.), St. Louis Lithographing (Mo.)

Non-Profit: Adler Planetarium (Ill.), Austrian Embassy (D.C.), Indianapolis Museum of Art (Ind.),  Institute of Green Professionals (Fla.), Regional Development Corporation (N.M.), Third Sector New England (Mass.), Westminster & Ingleside Retirement Communities (D.C.)

Other: Glass Alchemy, LTD (Ore.), World Resources Company (Va.)

Real Estate: Crosland, LLC (N.C.)

Restaurants & Food Services: Evelyn Hill, Inc. (N.Y.), EVOS (Fla.),  Jack's Restaurant & Bar (D.C.),  Ricciuti's Restaurant (Md.),  Sweetgreen (D.C.), The Java Shack (Va.)

Retail: Backcountry.com (Utah), Carlsbad Caverns Trading Company (N.M.), Metcalfe's Sentry (Wisc.), Phil's Fresh Foods (Colo.), Point Pleasant Bath and Body (N.J.), The Whole Center (Va.)

Telecommunications: BT Americas / HQ El Segundo (Calif.), Troy & Banks, Inc. (N.Y.)

Transport & Shipping: Port of Vancouver (Wash.) 

Travel & Leisure: Biltmore Hotel and Suites (Calif.), Broward County Convention Center (Fla.), Callaway Gardens, (Georgia), Daytona Beach Kennel Club (Fla.), Hyatt Regency Bonaventure (Fla.), Kroenke Sports Enterprises (Colo.), Powdr Resorts (Colo.), Regal Entertainment Group, (Tenn.), River City Rascals Baseball (Mo.), Shelter Island Yacht Club (N.Y.), The Philadelphia Phillies (Penn.), Watkins Glen International (N.Y.), Wyndham Miami Airport Hotel (Fla.)

Green Power Leadership Awards Nomination Period Closes Friday, June 27

The 2008 Green Power Leadership Awards nomination period closes Friday, June 27, 2008.

EPA's Green Power Leadership Awards for Purchasers recognize exceptional achievement among EPA Green Power Partners. EPA recognizes eligible Partner organizations in the following three award categories:

  • Green Power Partner of the Year: Recognizes Partners who distinguish themselves through their purchase, leadership, overall strategy, and impact on the green power market.
  • On-site Generation: Recognizes Partners who distinguish themselves using on-site renewable energy applications, including, but not limited to, solar photovoltaic (PV) or wind energy projects.
  • Green Power Purchase: Recognizes Partners who distinguish themselves through purchases of green power from a utility green-pricing program, a competitive green marketer, or a renewable energy certificate (REC) supplier.

Self-nominations or nominations on behalf of another party are accepted. There is no limit to the number of nominations that can be submitted per party or under any award category. For information on eligibility, criteria, and how to apply, please visit the nomination process section of our Web site. All nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. PDT on June 27, 2008.

The Green Power Leadership Awards will be presented on October 27, 2008 in conjunction with the National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference in Denver, Colorado. Visit the Partnership's Web site to get more information or to register for the Conference.

EPA Recognizes UPenn and Other College and University Champions

College and University Green Power Challenge Logo

EPA has announced the winners of the 2007-2008 College & University Green Power Challenge, and for the second year in a row, the Ivy League wins the crown as the overall champion conference. Led by the University of Pennsylvania, the Ivy League's cumulative annual purchase of more than 220 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) has the equivalent environmental impact of avoiding the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of nearly 32,000 vehicles. This year's challenge included 40 competing institutions representing 18 different conferences nationwide. To view the final conference standings, visit: www.epa.gov/greenpower/documents/highed_challenge_2007-08.pdf (PDF) (5 pp, 218K, About PDF).

Since the spring of 2007, EPA has ranked collegiate athletic conferences by the total amount of green power bought by their member schools. To be eligible, each school in the conference had to qualify as an EPA Green Power Partner and each conference had to collectively purchase at least 10 million kWh of green power.

Schools interested in taking part in the 2008-2009 Challenge are encouraged to make a new purchase or increase an existing purchase to qualify for the challenge. For more information, please visit the Challenge Home Page, or contact Blaine Collison (collison.blaine@epa.gov, 202-343-9139).

Fortune 500 Challenge Continues

EPA successfully wrapped up the first phase of its Fortune 500 Challenge in January and kicked off its second Fortune 500 Green Power Challenge by challenging some of America's largest corporations to collectively exceed 10 billion kilowatt-hours green power purchasing by year end 2009.

The Challenge, which will conclude at the end of 2009, encourages and highlights the voluntary green power purchases of America's leading corporations. This Challenge serves as an excellent opportunity for companies to gain national recognition for purchasing green power and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Current Partners and prospects interested in taking part in the Fortune 500 Challenge are encouraged to make new green power purchases to help reach the challenge goal. For added information please contact Blaine Collison (collison.blaine@epa.gov, 202-343-9139).

Eligibility Change for Texas RECs from Non-wind Facilities

Partners purchasing non-wind renewable energy certificates (RECs) originating from Texas should ensure that their purchase includes the Compliance Premium (CP) in order for it to qualify as green power under EPA's Green Power Partnership. This change in the Green Power Partnership's requirements is in effect as of January 1, 2008 and is the result of the Texas PUC's docket 33492 of Substantive Rule number 25.173, which was implemented January 1, 2008. Under this docket, non-wind renewable electricity facilities that began operating on or after September 1, 2005, are granted both a REC and a "Compliance Premium" for each MWh generated. CPs can be bought by an electric service provider to satisfy its RPS obligations, leaving the REC to be bought by another party, who may be buying the REC to make a voluntary claim outside of any RPS obligation. EPA believes that since both the electric service provider and the buyer of the REC could be claiming the same environmental benefits of the renewable MWh, a double claim could occur.

Texas RECs from non-wind facilities that qualify for CPs are eligible to meet the Partnership's purchase requirements if the RECs and an equal amount of CPs from the same generating unit are purchased and retired on behalf of the voluntary purchaser in the same year. This will allow the Partner on whose behalf the RECs and CPs were retired to make a complete renewable energy claim regarding the non-wind renewable MWh they used to satisfy the GPP requirements. This policy applies to all non-wind renewable energy supply generated in Texas on or after January 1, 2008.  This policy does not affect Texas RECs obtained from (1) non-wind facilities installed and REC-certified by the Public Utility Commission of Texas on or before September 1, 2005, as these facilities do not qualify for CPs, and (2) energy generated from non-wind facilities on or before December 31, 2007, as CPs are awarded for each REC only for energy generated after December 31, 2007. 

This update has been rolled into the program requirement document, which can be found at www.epa.gov/greenpower/documents/gpp_partnership_reqs.pdf (PDF) (16 pp, 1.9MB). For more information on the Texas PUC rule, contact Matt Clouse (clouse.matt@epa.gov, 202-343-9004).

Green Power Partnership Clarifies Areas of Partnership Requirements

The Green Power Partnership has updated its partnership requirements to clarify a number of areas where partners and providers have asked questions.  The update includes:

  • a new section on the eligibility of Texas RECs from non-wind facilities (see previous article)
  • an update to the energy use factor (14.9 kWh/sf/year) used in estimating baseload electricity use for leased space situations
  • a new guidance section on making environmental claims and how to calculate environmental benefit statements
  • a section on partner recognition opportunities, as well as
  • clarification on the REC vintage requirement

Partners and providers are encouraged to download the updated version of the partnership requirements at http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/documents/gpp_partnership_reqs.pdf (PDF) (16 pp, 1.9MB).

Partner Spotlight:  GreenEnergyTV.com

Green Energy TV

GreenEnergyTV.com, an online television channel dedicated to airing green videos for viewers around the world, became a Green Power Partner after purchasing green power for 100 percent of its electricity use. GreenEnergyTV.com officially launched in January 2007 and as of June 2008, millions of viewers from 164 countries have visited the site.  (Source: Google Analytics). Organizations as varied as GE, IBM, Yahoo, Johnson & Johnson, HP, Xerox, and the United Nations, as well as many other companies, schools, organizations and individuals, have submitted videos to the Web site.

Additionally, GreenEnergyTV.com makes a point to collaborate with other companies that value sustainability, as evidenced by the fact that its host site is 100 percent solar powered. 

The Web site airs videos on solar energy, wind power, hydro power, alternative fuels, geothermal, wave/tidal energy, energy conservation and more. 

Got "Green" videos? Just go to www.greenenergytv.com and click UPLOAD VIDEO. It's free to upload and free to watch.

Green Power Communities Sign Use and Reproduction Guidelines

GPP Road Sign

EPA Green Power Communities (GPC) are cities, towns, and villages in which the local government, businesses, and residents collectively buy green power in amounts that meet or exceed EPA's GPC purchase requirements. Once a community achieves GPC status, they receive two road signs from EPA. The road signs promote the municipality's status as a Green Power Community and their overall commitment to green power. Communities may now reproduce up to 10 additional road signs, for a total of 12 signs, as long as the reproduction of the road signs meets the guidelines and requirements set forth in EPA Green Power Community Road Signs: Use & Reproduction Guidelines. The Guidelines are available online at: www.epa.gov/greenpower/documents/gpp_guidedoc.pdf (PDF) (2 pp, 239K).

For more information about the Green Power Community initiative, please visit the Green Power Community Web page, or contact Allison Dennis (dennis.allison@epa.gov, 202-343-9526).


Sector Spotlight: EPA Helps Municipal Governments Go Green

In May, EPA participated in two events in an effort to provide guidance to local governments interested in purchasing green power. 

From May 13 –16 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Partnership took part in the ICLEI Local Action Summit 2008, a gathering of 400 local government representatives and their partners from 40 states, Canada, Denmark, Germany and Mexico. Drawing on the experiences of our 84 local government Partners, the GPP Team's presentation highlighted the benefits of purchasing green power for municipal governments.

On May 28, EPA's Clean Energy-Environment Municipal Network hosted a Web cast on Green Power Procurement. Blaine Collison, GPP Program Manager, presented information on the Green Power Partnership and the technical assistance the program provides to its Partners. The City of Bellingham, Washington, and the City of Houston, Texas—both Green Power Partners—also provided information on their experiences in purchasing green power. To view the Webcast, visit: www.epa.gov/statelocalclimate/web-podcasts/local-webcasts-by-date.html#a2008.

To view either of the presentations, please contact Allison Dennis (dennis.allison@epa.gov, 202-343-9526).


Top Partner Lists to be Updated in July
The Green Power Partnership will update its Top Partner Lists at the end of July. EPA must receive partner purchase information no later than July 8, 2008 for it to be included in this update. To review the most recent versions of the Top Partner Lists (as of April 2008), please visit www.epa.gov/greenpower/toplists/index.htm.

Please Submit Your Partner Profile!
All Green Power Partners have a tailored Web page on the Green Power Partnership Web site. Visitors to the Web site can review specific information about your purchase and commitment to green power when selecting your organization's name from the Partner List.

When you joined the Partnership, you should have received a "Partner Profile" questionnaire from your account manager. If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to create an organizational profile for your Web page by completing the document and return it to your account manager using the contact information provided on the form. If you have questions or need another copy of this document, please contact your account manager.

Upcoming Events

National Renewable Energy Conference 2008

National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference, "A new climate for change", October 26-29, 2008

For over a decade, the National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference has been the industry's paramount annual gathering attended by leading renewable energy and green power industry stakeholders. Each year influential players, including power marketers, renewable energy developers, retail and wholesale green power suppliers, electric utilities, equipment manufacturers, government agencies, energy consultants and nonprofit experts, gather to listen to their peers present on the major issues facing the industry.  For added information please visit: www.renewableenergymarketing.net/.

Hotel and travel details – Reserve your room today!!!

New Jersey Clean Energy Conference, "Investing in a CleanTech Economy", October 17, 2008

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) and its Clean Energy Program will hold its 2008 Clean Energy Conference & Leadership Awards Program at the Jersey City Hyatt Regency Hotel in Jersey City, New Jersey on October 17, 2008. This year's conference – Investing in a CleanTech Economy – will engage businesses, regional organizations and municipalities in harnessing "cleantech" investment and growth opportunities.

The conference will take place on October 17 from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. In addition to networking sessions and roundtable discussions, the conference will feature leading energy experts and breakout sessions such as: CleanTech in New Jersey; New Jersey's Solar Market Transformation; Energy Efficiency; New Jersey's Road Map to 20% by 2020; and CleanTech and Utilities: Building a Successful Future Together. Visit www.NJCleanEnergy.com for more information.

GovEnergy, August 3 - 6, 2008

Taking place August 3 - 6, 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona, GovEnergy seeks to help Federal agencies reduce their energy use and costs and meet Federal energy mandates as outlined in Energy Policy Act of 2005, Executive Order 13423, EISA 2007 and additional Federal guidance.

GovEnergy will offer participants:

  • Multiple technical tracks covering varied technical session topics
  • Educational credits
  • Networking opportunities with nationally recognized energy experts and colleagues from throughout the Federal Government
  • Tradeshow exposition of exciting energy-saving technologies, services and software tools
  • Technical tours

Visit the GovEnergy Web site at www.govenergy.gov for complete details.

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