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Green Power Partnership

Eligible Organizations

All organizations operating within the U.S. are welcome to join the Green Power Partnership, with the exception of electricity suppliers or providers of green power products. Eligible organizations can include those that are:

  1. Public
  2. Private
  3. Non-profit
  4. College & University

Green power providers and those that sell or market any green power products are not eligible for Partnership. EPA reserves the right to limit Partnership if an organization gives the impression that they are a provider or supplier of green power.

What if I am an individual or a homeowner interested in buying green power?
EPA encourages individuals and homeowners to take advantage of the tools and resources on this website when considering a purchase or on-site installation of green power. You will find that the process of procuring green power for individuals and homeowners is similar to that of organizations. In addition, green power use by individuals and homeowners can count towards the requirements of becoming a Green Power Community (GPC). To find out if your community is a GPC, or for information on how to join the program, visit our Green Power Communities page.

Small Businesses
EPA provides a number of resources directed at small business owners, which provide strategies for reducing your energy consumption and taking advantage of green power. For more information please visit the Clean Energy for Small Businesses Web page.

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