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Green Power Partnership

Community Choice Aggregation: Leveraging a Collective Procurement Model to Drive New Renewable Energy Generation

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
1-2:00 pm (EST)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership

On Tuesday, March 6, from 1-2 pm (EST), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Green Power Partnership hosted a webinar on community choice aggregation and how municipalities can leverage this procurement model to advance renewable energy generation.

Community choice aggregation (CCA) is a procurement framework that allows municipalities to procure electricity to meet the collective load of their local residents and businesses. In deregulated and semi-deregulated states, CCAs provide municipalities with access to the wholesale power market to meet their desired electricity supply portfolio, while still having the local utility provide transmission and distribution services. The reasons municipalities pursue CCAs include:

  • lower electricity costs,
  • greater reliance on a renewable energy supply,
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • economic growth and job creation through the development of local generation assets.

CCA is currently adopted into law in the states of California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

This webinar examined the CCA model, how it works, potential risks, how it can be used by municipalities to increase the supply of green power locally and nationally, current state-level status and potential areas of expansion, CCA enabling legislation, and linkages between CCA and EPA's Green Power Partnership program. The webinar featured case studies of Marin County, California, and Oak Park, Illinois.

The speakers on the webinar were:

  • Blaine Collison, Program Director, U.S. EPA's Green Power Partnership
    Presentation (PDF) (7 pp, 422K, About PDF)
  • Shawn Marshall, Executive Director, LEAN Energy US and Founding Board Member, Marin Energy Authority
    Presentation (PDF) (19 pp, 1MB)
  • Dawn Weisz, Executive Officer, MarinEnergyAuthority
  • K.C. Poulos, Sustainability Manager, Village of Oak Park, Illinois
    Presentation (PDF) (8 pp, 472K)

To request a recording of this webinar, please contact GPP.

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