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Green Power Partnership

Become a Green Power Community

Questions about Green Power Communities?

Technical Contact:
James Critchfield

Communications Contact:
Melissa Klein

There are two pathways to becoming a Green Power Community (GPC):

  1. For any locality:
    1. The local government must join the Green Power Partnership as a Partner and meet EPA minimum usage requirements. The local government can be a town, village, city, county, or tribal government.
    2. The local government (or its designee) initiates a community-wide green power campaign to encourage local businesses and residents to use green power. EPA is available to provide technical and outreach assistance.
    3. Once the community has met the green power usage requirement, the local government submits the GPC Partnership Agreement (XLS) (463K).
  2. For localities that have implemented Community Choice Aggregations (CCA), also known as Municipal Aggregations *

    Note: CCAs are currently available only in CA, IL, OH, MA, NJ, and RI, as enabled by state legislation.

    1. A CCA locality must meet or exceed the established GPC minimum green power usage requirements as a result of its CCA purchase.
    2. An appropriate representative from the CCA locality's local government submits the GPC Partnership Agreement (XLS) (463K). Note that the CCA locality will not be listed separately as a Green Power Partner unless it makes a qualifying green power procurement for its own municipal electricity consumption.

After achieving the GPC designation, EPA can work with you on making an announcement regarding this accomplishment.

Green Power Community Usage Requirements

The following table outlines the respective EPA Green Power Community usage requirements based on the community's electricity use. Working with your local utility or power provider, determine the amount of electricity used within the community boundary (city limits). The community must collectively use green power in amounts that meet or exceed the corresponding percentage for the matching baseload electricity use level.

Green Power Community Usage Requirements
Community Annual Electricity Usage Minimum GPC Usage Requirements
> 100,000,000 kWh 3%
10,000,001-100,000,000 kWh 5%
1,000,001 - 10,000,000 kWh 10%
≤ 1,000,000 kWh 20%

* Community Choice Aggregation allows local governments and some special districts to pool (or aggregate) their electricity load in order to purchase and/or develop power on behalf of their residents, businesses, and municipal accounts.

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